Changed | c.h

Calum Hood. That's me.
I'm the new kid on the block.
I've just moved to Sydney, Australia with my family to start a new life. But I don't want to.
I liked my old life.
I loved it in fact.
I was the popular kid in school, with a banging girlfriend who just happened to e the head cheerleader. My sister, Mali Hood, got offered a fashion job here in Oz, and my parents just expected me to drop my life and move half way around the world for her.

But what if moving to Aus wasn't such a bad idea after all?
Well, it can only go up from here.


6. chapter six

I woke up in the morning with my arms wrapped around someone. 




I lightly shook her and she slowly woke up. "You were amazing." She mumbled, still half asleep.

"So were you." I smiled, leaning down and kissing her lips softly. 


She rolled out of bed and walked to the door, as I admired her lovely ass. She opened the door and smiled at me one last time before disappearing into her own room. I lied back in bed and let the memories from last night flood back into my brain. A huge grin formed on my face as to me it felt like love. Maybe it could be more? 


I climbed out of bed, put a pair of sweats on and headed downstairs, only to be greeted by Ashton eating some breakfast. 

"Morning." I smiled. 

"Morning. Did you end up sleeping last night? Man my sister was noisy!" He complained, and my head shot up as he said something about his sister. 

"What about her?" I questioned. 

"She was fucking another guy last night. This happens frequently and it annoys me because I cant sleep." He groaned, taking another bite of his Vegemite toast. 

"Are they loud?" I quickly asked, hoping he didn't know it was me. 

"Yes. Very. But their probably just some random guy from the skate park again." He spoke, finishing off his toast and placing his empty plate in the sink. 

My face dropped. "Again?" 

"Yeah. She goes through them like they are just candy." 

"Oh." Was all I could say. I was shocked I mean I felt like someone had just kicked my in the gut. 


I raced home and got a spare change of clothes, before heading back. Ashton was driving me to school. 


How fun. 


Me, Ashton and Emma all cramped up in the car. 


And I didn't want to speak to her right now. I was crushed.



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