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Calum Hood. That's me.
I'm the new kid on the block.
I've just moved to Sydney, Australia with my family to start a new life. But I don't want to.
I liked my old life.
I loved it in fact.
I was the popular kid in school, with a banging girlfriend who just happened to e the head cheerleader. My sister, Mali Hood, got offered a fashion job here in Oz, and my parents just expected me to drop my life and move half way around the world for her.

But what if moving to Aus wasn't such a bad idea after all?
Well, it can only go up from here.


1. Chapter one

I heard knocking on my bedroom door, making me wake up. I shoved my pillow over my head, rolling over to fall back asleep. I heard my door creak open.
"Calum, it's time to get up." I heard my mother say. I grunted and sighed, realising what day it was. "Come on, get ready for your first day of school." 


For the month that I have been in Australia, I've been as to sleep in because school hadn't Started yet. 

"Five more minutes." I groan. 

I felt a slight tug on my blanket, and then felt it slide off my half naked body and then onto the floor. "Now." 

I sighed, sitting up and watched my mum walk out of my room. 

"I hate Mondays." 


I slugged myself out of my bed and shuffled out the door and to the bathroom, turning the lock until I heard a 'click'. I slid my underwear off and threw them in the dirty clothes basket. I turned the shower on before stepping inside, letting the hot water hit my shoulders and trickle down my bare back. 


Once I stepped out of the shower, I tightly wrapped the towel Around the bottom half of my body before walking out of the steamy barroom and letting the cold air hit my bare skin, causing the hairs on my Arms to stand up. I quickly scurried down the hall and into my room, and once again, waiting for the 'click' to ring. I removed the towel from my waist and threw it over my bed. 


I walked over to my dresser and pulled out a pair of my black Calvin Klein underwear, before sliding them on. I felt a draft blow onto my back which caused me to shiver, so I strolled over to my window and went to close it, but stopped, and just stared. 


And their she stood. She was beautiful! She had long, wavy, dark brown hair that flowed down to her mid back. She had a rocking body let me tell you that! Those white, lace g-string And matching bra made me turned on. I shuffled my undies a bit and looked back up just as she turned around. Our eyes locked but surprisingly she didn't duck, close the curtain or try and cover herself up, she just simply placed one hand on her hip, and waved at me with her other hand. 


I smiled And waved to her, soon feeling my cheeks get a bright shade of red. After an awkward moment, it soon became awkwarder. 


My undies suddenly became way tighter as I realise I had a hard on. I adjusted my pants as this beautiful girl lightly giggled at me. She turned her head to face her door, and then looked back at me. I'm guessing her mum called her or something because she grabbed an oversized shirt that had been previously thrown on her bed, before Her perfect lips curved into a circle shape as she blew me a kiss. She turned her back towards me before swaying her hips as she walked out her bedroom door. I shook the thoughts out of my head and eventually closed my window.


I layed down on my bed and slid my black undies off and began playing with myself.


What? You don't think I'm going to go downstairs to greet my family with a hard on now do you? 


After I finished, I got cleaned up And threw on a pair of black skinny jeans and a white shirt, before sliding on a pair of black vans and walking downstairs. 

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