The Night In Summer '09

It's a Liam & Paola romance (; ��


2. The Proposal

~ Paola's P.O.V.


"Paola, Will You Marry Me?" Liam Said. *Crying* "Oh My Gosh! Yes, I Love You!" I Said Crying.


"Umm, Guys Can We Tell You Something?" I Said. "Of Course, What Is It?" Louis Said "Liam." I Said "I Proposed To Paola, We Are Getting Married!" He Said Smiling. "What?! I'm So Happy For You Mate!" Louis Said. "Congrats, Lad!" Harry Said. "Oh Yeah, That Reminds Me. Umm.. GiGi and IAre Also Engaged." Zayn Said With A Smile. "Congrats To You Too, Zayn." I Said. "Thanks." He Said. "Should I Text GiGiTo Come Over?" I Asked The Lads. "Yeah, Sure. You Two Can Talk About The Weddings." Zayn Said. "Okay." I Said

Me: Hi GiGi. :) Umm.. Just Wondering, Can You Come Over? I Have Huge News. Please :D

GiGi Malik: Umm, Yeah. I'll Be There.


"Hello!" GiGi Said. "GiGi, Liam And I Have To Tell You Something That Is Similar To What Happened To You" I Said. "What's That." She Said With A Smile. "We're Engaged!" Liam Said. "Oh My Gosh I'm So Happy For You Guys!" She Said. "I'm Happy For You Too." I Said.




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I'll Add A Chapter Tomorrow or next week


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