Jennifer isn't the type of girl with natural beauty you read about in fairy tales and see in movies. She's very self conscious when she's away from home because of the things she's been through, the things that no one knows about. Who knew that one day, she would end up telling someone these deep, dark secrets? And who knew, that all this would happen because she crossed paths with the famous boy band, One Direction?


5. Styles


Once the plane landed, I got off and started to get nervous because there were so many people, but I just remembered my dad's words and followed to crowd. I waited at the luggage area and kept an eye out for my black suitcases with the pink and turquoise ribbons tied on the handle.

After what felt like forever (but was probably only around 15 minutes), I finally got my suitcases and followed the crowd that was now getting smaller and smaller. As I walked out I saw a big crowd of people waiting for their loved ones or friends, and I scanned the people for a familiar face and saw none. 

Of course you won't see any, you don't know any of these people, silly.

I saw someone waving around a sign that said "Jennifer Chung" on it and I smiled in that direction. I walked over to who was holding the sign and got to really look at her. It was a beautiful woman in her late 20's with dark brown hair and slight freckles. I loved her style! She was wearing a maroon peacoat and a dark blue beanie, and she looked cold but put together. She smiled at me and said, "Hi Jennifer! I'm Olivia, and I'm pretty sure you've heard that I'll be taking you around while you're here. If you ever need help I'm the person to go to, and I hope I can make this trip super fun for you. By the way, your shoot is on Tuesday in case you didn't know." 

I grinned. I'm so glad she's friendly. 

"Thanks! I'm really excited, and to be honest I'm so relieved you're here with me. I don't know what I would do without someone like you to look after me while I'm here, probably get lost and not be able to get home, haha." 

We made small talk as she called a cab and helped me with my luggage. She gave me her number and I gave her mine so I can always text her, and she brought me to the hotel we were both staying in. 

The hotel was huge! But I was too tired to even pay attention to the name of the building. We got into the gold elevator and I watched Olivia press the button to take us to the 7th floor. When we got there I was shocked at how the hotel looked. It looked like a big shopping mall because on each floor you could walk to the balconies toward the center and be able to look down at everyone below you. It was like a big square in the middle of emptiness, and I told myself to stay away from it, since I was just a tiny bit afraid of heights. All the rooms of the hotel went around in a loop in a square shape, around the big balcony. The width of the walkway was really wide though, so even if I was walking to my room I'd be nowhere near the glass balcony. Olivia showed me my room in 722, a couple rooms to the right of hers. She gave me my key card, and hugged me goodnight. 

"Sleep tight! I'm taking you out tomorrow, so I want you to get some rest!"

"Thanks Olivia, goodnight."

She walked to her room and I unpacked my things. I checked my watch, it said 11:30 pm. Jeez I should probably sleep soon. I looked around my hotel room. Wow, it looked so fancy.The bed was huge, I had a TV, and lots of space to walk around. Not to mention the bathroom looked amazing. I've always had a thing for hotels, for some reason. I called my mom but she didn't pick up, so I left her a voicemail telling her I arrived safely and I'll call her the next morning.

I was about to go to bed until I realized I wasn't ready to sleep yet. I pulled out my dance shoes and decided to do some stretching before going to sleep. There wasn't enough space in my room to do kicks and spins, so I poked my head out of the door to see if there was anyone in the hallway.

There wasn't a single sound in the hallway, well I guess you couldn't really call it a hallway since it just went around in a square - a big square that is. There's got to be hundreds of feet before even I can make a turn to the left! The lights on the walls have automatically dimmed themselves since most people were asleep, but it was still bright enough to see and walk. I slipped into the hall and began to stretch. It felt so good, after being stuck on a plane for more than 10 hours. The carpet beneath my feet felt nice and soft, so if I did jumps nobody would be able to hear me. I'm pretty proud of how softly I can land, since it did take a while to get down.

First I started from my neck and rolled my neck around, then shoulders, then back, and lastly my legs and arch. I quickly did my splits just to feel the stretch in my quads and my gastrocs, and I did front kicks all the way down the hall. Once I got to the end of the hall, I decided to stretch my back, so I did a couple backbends. I saw someone get out of the elevator, but decided to keep stretching.

Huh.. they're coming my way. I'll just keep stretching, this should be interesting. I went back into a bridge so my face was facing the wall and my knees were facing whoever was walking this way. After about 40 seconds of casual steps (that's how long the hallway), I felt someone stop in front of me. 

Thud, thud, thud, thud, thud. There were more footsteps. More than one person? What the hell are they doing awake at this time of night when everyone else's asleep?

"Excuse me, what are you doing?" said a deep voice with a British accent.

At first I was surprised, until I remembered Olivia and everyone around here.

You're in England, you dumbass. Of course they have a British accent.

I pushed myself back up so my face wasn't facing the wall above the ground anymore.

"Oh sorry I was just doing some stretching for dance because I couldn't really sleep and I-"

I was speechless. I was staring at someone's chest, and I lifted my head. My face was just inches away from Harry Styles.


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