Jennifer isn't the type of girl with natural beauty you read about in fairy tales and see in movies. She's very self conscious when she's away from home because of the things she's been through, the things that no one knows about. Who knew that one day, she would end up telling someone these deep, dark secrets? And who knew, that all this would happen because she crossed paths with the famous boy band, One Direction?


7. Post-grief


-Harry's POV-


It was quite chilly when I woke up. Today is Saturday morning, and as I looked out the window I realized it was raining. I took my watch off the bedside table next to me and looked at the time.

6:00 am

I could sleep a little longer, but I have to meet Louis and them at 6:30 so I should start getting ready. I forgot what the plan was for today but I do know that it's going to be extremely busy and we won't get back until late in the night. I put on some dark jeans and a white t-shirt and went to use the toilet and wash up. I went over what happened the night before in my head.

I was tired from greeting fans the whole day and doing interviews, and it was really late when we got back to the hotel so I just wanted to get to bed and sleep. While I was walking down the hall I saw someone at the end of the hall with the upper half of their body missing. Then I realized that the hall was just dark and somebody seemed to be stretching in some bridge position, at first I thought it was yoga. I walked up to her and asked what she was doing, and an Asian girl who looked like she was still in high school pushed herself up and looked shocked to see me. She was actually quite pretty, even though she was just in a big jumper and stockings. Turns out her name was Jennifer and after we took a picture with the other boys Paul handed back her phone with a grave look on her face. I will never forget the moment I read on her phone that her friend passed away and she began to cry. I felt my heart sink to the bottom of my stomach, and all Jennifer could do was sit there and cry. I wasn't sure what to do, and I felt so bad for her, so I just sat next to her and comforted her. She looked like she was trying so hard to hold it in but the moment her voice cracked I knew she couldn't do it; it was so heartbreaking to watch and listen to. 

After I washed up I decided to go to Jennifer's room to ask if she was okay and leave, but I wondered if I should just let her sleep since it was relatively early in the morning. I decided to just do it anyway since I didn't know when the next time I would see her would be. 

I walked down the hall and stopped at 722, the room I saw her walk into last night. I knocked on her door twice, and when nobody answered I knocked again. I heard soft footsteps and finally the door opened.

I looked at Jennifer standing in front of me. She hadn't changed out of her clothes from last night, she was still wearing the Tomlinson jumper but her baby hairs were sticking up all over the place. Her eyes looked horribly swollen and she could barely open her eyes.  The poor girl, her dark circles were so prominent I wonder what time she finally fell asleep.

"Good morning," I said to her with a smile. 

She looked at me blankly with her eyes still half open. She finally responded drowsily, "Hi Harry. What're you doing here?"

Her American accent took me by surprise for a split second until I remembered she wasn't British.

"How are you feeling?" I asked.

"Tired, sad, kind of empty," She responded emotionlessly while rubbing her eyes.

"I'm sorry," I pulled her in for a hug, then asked, "What time did you sleep? You look exhausted,"

"I'm not sure actually. I didn't really sleep, I just tossed and turned until maybe about an hour or two ago," She mumbled. Goodness, she really didn't sleep much. When I let go of her I realized that her eyes were getting more and more glassy, until a tear finally rolled down her cheek. I put my hand on her cheek and wiped away the tear with my thumb. 

"I'm so sorry," I finally said. 

"It's okay. Sorry, I tear up easily whenever someone hugs me when I'm sad or asks if I'm okay, it's really weird." She replied. 

"Do you have your phone?" I asked. Jennifer reached into her pocket and took out her phone and nodded. She unlocked it and gave it to me, and I pressed "Create New Contact" and typed in "Harry Styles", along with my number under it. Then I put her number into my phone and said, "There. Now you have my number, and you can text me any time you need me. I'm really really sorry if I won't get back to you immediately because I may be busy but I promise to try my best," 

"Thanks so much," She mumbled with a weak smile. 

"It's not problem," I assured her. Then, realizing it was like 6:20 am and she Jennifer barely got to sleep, I said, "You should go back to bed, I'll see you later. Feel better," 

She smiled a little wider this time and closed the door. 

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