Jennifer isn't the type of girl with natural beauty you read about in fairy tales and see in movies. She's very self conscious when she's away from home because of the things she's been through, the things that no one knows about. Who knew that one day, she would end up telling someone these deep, dark secrets? And who knew, that all this would happen because she crossed paths with the famous boy band, One Direction?


4. Flight


Today's the big day! It's Friday morning and it's chillier than ever, which of course, puts me in a great mood. I finished up my last final yesterday even though I don't think I did too well, but honestly I'm just glad I got all of that over with. After school yesterday I went to my private lesson for dance while telling my dance teachers goodbye for a week and a half. They told me not to get fat and not to eat too much, and to always stretch at night when I can so I can get right back into it when I come back.

Sigh. Asian teachers. By now I'd gotten used to it, since it was just their standards to maintain our body's health and overall appearance. Plus they've been through way worse, since back in their day the dance academies were so strict and dancers practically had to starve themselves. It's also good that I've gotten over my depression phase, where I just wanted to starve myself. Now I remind myself to eat less, but still enough to keep me full and healthy. I promised myself to never go back to that time again - it was horrible.

I got out of bed and threw on the same Tomlinson hoodie I wore a couple days ago, since it was so soft and the plane ride would be long. It might get cold too, so I'd want something nice and snug to cuddle up in. After getting ready, I ate some dumplings that my mom made especially for me since she knew how much I loved the ones she made. Her, my dad, and even my brother all took half a day off of work today to see me off at the airport. I packed some more granola bars into my carry on bag since vegetarian airplane food usually tasted and smelled like crap, and put my suitcases that I packed during finals week into the trunk.

On our way to the airport, we all joked around but I still felt sad for leaving, since I've never been so far away from home alone before. I even kind of missed my annoying little sister, but she was at school today since she's only in 2nd grade and my parents didn't feel like bailing her out.

Once we got to the airport, my dad helped roll my heavy suitcases in, and everyone stayed with me until I had to go through security, since they knew I'd probably get lost the second I even set foot into the airport. I gave everyone hugs and I could've sworn I felt my eyes tear up. What's wrong with me? It's just a happy, short, exciting trip and you'll see your family again in no time. I guess I should be grateful I'm close with my family. 


I hate sitting alone and waiting for the plane. My parents told me I needed to get here early so I have about 3 hours to spare, but I don't want to walk around since I'll probably lose myself and ruin everything. My flight's at 12 pm, so it was still pretty bright outside. I love night flying, I think it's so beautiful, and it's so great to be the holiday season because then all the lights are so pretty and colorful. I texted my brother using my data since I don't have actual texting, and went over what was supposed to happen in my head. Apparently the second I stepped off the plane and got my luggage, I would see someone holding a sign that said "Jennifer" on it. There's a girl in her late 20's who's going to take me around and bring me to the photoshoot named Olivia, I think. I haven't gotten to meet her yet, but she sounds cool. She's pretty much babysitting me, so I guess she has pretty good patience.. I hope. I thought back to my dad talking in the car, and he said since I would have no idea what I'm doing or where I'm going, just follow the crowd and if it really comes down to it, ask someone where to go. (My family has so much faith in me.)


3 long hours have finally passed so I boarded the plane and found my seat, and nothing went wrong. I buckled myself in and put my earbuds in, drowning out the sound around me. It was really cold in the plane, so I'm glad I wore a warm hoodie. I love how it says Tomlinson in a TOMS style logo in the front, I thought it was adorable and I love Louis. He's so cute. 

It was going to be a 10-11 hour plane ride, so I unbuckled myself as soon as the seatbelt sign's light didn't light up anymore. I made myself comfortable and began to read. My brother really wanted me to read The Magicians by Lev Grossman, so I finally gave in and began to read it. After a while I got tired and bored, so I just put the book away and closed my eyes and dozed off. 

Mmm, it felt a lot better sleeping on an airplane in a soft sweater than I would've imagined. 



10.5 hours flew by quicker than I would have liked, since I loved the feeling of doing nothing. Plus my seat was pretty comfortable, even though it wasn't first class. I was lucky enough to sit next to an empty seat, so I had extra leg space. The plane started to land, and I looked out the window. It was dark outside, and the window had cold air all over it. I looked down and saw billions of lights, some were Christmas colored, and some were just street lights, but they all looked amazing. I love night time.

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