Irresistible To Me(Niall Horan)

What happens when samantha meets the love of her life at X factor, But then something horrible happens, and she doesnt want to get him hurt. Will she stay for love and risk his life, Or let him go and break his heart.


1. When Eyes Meet.


"I dont think i can do it." I say, Getting sudden butterflies, Not being able to walk onto the X-Factor stage. 

"Just go Sam! They're going to love you. You're and Amazing singer!" My friend Abby said pushing me onto the stage, When suddenly im blinded by a bright stage light. 

I put my hand over my face to cover my eyes. and suddenly hear the crowd go wild with claps and cheers. 

"Hello, What's your name?" Simon Cowell says. 

"Uhm...M-my Name is Samantha Marie." u tespond hesitiant. Simon is rude, and i know he's not going to like me. 

"And what are you going to be singing for us today?" Responds Katy Perry. Oh good. Someone from the states. Thats just what i need. Some hollywood big shot telling me im not good enough. 

"I'll be singing Kiss It All Better by He Is We." 

"Alright well lets get to it then" Says simon. The bass starts to play the first verse of the song, and im tapping my foot in anticipation. Suddenly i feel like im being watched. 
I brushe off the feeling and started to sing. 

"He sits in his cell,
and lays on his bed
covers his head
and closes his eyes, 

He sees a smoking gun 
and the coward he ran 
and in his arms is the bleeding, 
love of his life, 

and she cries
kiss it all better im not
ready to go, 

its not your fault love 
you didnt know, 
You didnt kno-"

"That's quite enough thank you." Simon says. " Well i thought that was absoultely brilliant. I loved it. It's a yes from me." The crowd went wild, and a smile stretched on my face from ear to ear. 

"Thank you so much." I say as my Voice crackles. 

Then suddenly, Simons was followed by three more yes's. Tears swelled in my eyes and i began to cry on stage. 

"Good luck sweetheart" Katy says as i run off stage into my bestfriend abby's arms.

"You were amazing love." I hear an irish voice say from behind me an i spun around. 

"Im Niall." 

"Im sam-"

"Yes, Samanthat, i know. I just wanted to say i thought you and that song were stunning..." 

"Well thank you." I said as my face turned hot. I could tell i was getting red. His blonde hair was in font of his Ocean blue eyes, And when he smiled, His crooked teeth looked beautiful. This boy was beautiful. 

I snapped back into reality. 

"Well Good lucky Niall." I said smiling. 

"Thank you Beautiful..." his voice trailed off as the speakers belted out "Niall Horan". 

"See you later love." He says and kissed my hand. 

And that's how i met The love of my life. 


Hey guys, Im Alexandra. I hope you liked the introduction, i know its short, but  i'm going to try to update at least twice a week, Because i know how long it can seem to wait for an update. lol. Well i love you lots. XxOo. 


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