summer love (16+)

They promised each other that their love would only last for the summer, but what happens when the summer ends and neither one can let go?


2. Theres something about him

~Braelynn's POV~

I wakeup the next morning and shower, after my shower i decided to wear red skinny jeans, an oversized black sweater and black converse low tops. I sweep my still wet blonde hair to my left side and braid it in a fishtail and pin my bangs into it.After applying some basic makeup I find a small cafe not far from my flat and sit in a booth in the back. Im on twitter when 5 boys walk in and sit down in the booth next to me. I cant help but stare,they look oddly familiar. I guess one of them noticed me looking at them and walked up a'and introduced himself to me, he had curly brown hair "Hi, im harry!" he said cheerfully extending his hand out to me. " Braelynn" i said back a little shyly. The other 4 boys started walking up as i said this. They all introduced themselves to me. The one with the curly brown hair was harry, the one eating the carrot was louis, zayn had the tattoos on his arm,liam had brown shaggy hair and niall had blonde hair and peircing blue eyes. Thats were i knew them from! I had watched their performance on the x-factor last night!  "ya'll were on the x-factor last night, am i correct?" i asked them. "yes!" they all answered at once.


~Niall's POV~

Me and the boys find a small cafe not to far from the flat that we all share  We walk to the back and sit in a booth. I notice Harry get up and walk to he booth next to us, he starts talking to the girl sitting there and motions for us to come over. The lads and i walk over and introduce ourselves. Theres something about this girl, I can't tell what it is about her yet but i will. Wow...she actually recognized us from the x-factor, hardly anyone recognizes us. 


~Harry's POV~

The lads and i sit in a booth in the back of the small cafe, i notice this girl sitting near us. I get up and introduce myself to her. The boys all do the same. She seemed to take an interest in Niall and Niall seemed to be interested in her. Somehow i have to get them together. We converse with each other for awhile. Its almost time for rehearsal, Simon hates when we're late. We exchange numbers and head for the studio. We said we'd call after rehearsal and take her to see the city.


~Braelynn's POV~

After exchanging phone numbers, the boys said they'd call after their rehearsal and would show me around London.  There's something about the blonde one, Niall I think it was. I leave the cafe and decide to go explore the city.  I find a mall and decide to go shopping.  I ended up spending way to much money. I got a couple new pairs of skinny jeans,all colors,some shirts, and a couple pairs of shoes. I get back to my flat and decide to take a nap.


~Niall's POV~

Rehearsal was lame like usual. I cant help but think about that girl at the cafe, Braelynn i think. There's just something about her and i cant figure out what it is. Simon keeps going on and on about how to perform the next song on the show next week. I don't pay any attention to him. I'm waiting for it to be over so we can meet up with braelynn. 



We're finally done and i take out my phone to call her, we deciede to meet her at he cafe again and go from there.


~Braelynn's POV~

I'm awaken from my nap when i hear my cell phone ring, 


"Braelynn? It's Niall from this morning, I was wondering if you'd like to meet us at the cafe?"

I said yes. I freshen up a bit and start to make my way to the cafe. I see the 5 boys standing outside waiting for me. 


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