summer love (16+)

They promised each other that their love would only last for the summer, but what happens when the summer ends and neither one can let go?


5. Breakfast At Braelynn's

~Braelynn's POV~

I woke up the next morning in my own bed, in my own apartment. I was still wearing the same clothes from yesterday.  I got up and showered and threw on some clothes. I chose a pair of hot pink skinny jeans with a black tanktop and black converse high tops. I applied some basic makeup and walked into my kitchen. I jumped when i saw that Niall was rummaging through my fridge. " you hungry? Im gonna make some bacon and eggs." "uhh yeah" i replied still shaken up from being frightened. 

Niall and me made breakfast, bacon eggs and toast. We had just set the table and sat down when 4 other boys walked in.  "Oh good!! Ya'll made breakfast!" Louis screamed, jumping into a chair and piling heaping amount of food on a plate. The rest of the boys grabbed plates and started eating also. "so how was last night?" Harry asked with a big grin on his face."great" me and Niall said at he same time.


~Niall's POV~

I woke up and walked into her kitchen, I started rummaging through her fridge when i found some bread,bacon,and eggs. Just as i sat everything on the counter, Braelynn walked in. We cook the food and then sit at the table when the other 4 boys walk in. they immediately start pigging out on all the food. Me and Braelynn answer a few of Harry's questions before we sneak out of the house. We get to the street when we histarically start laughing. Our backs are against the wall of the building when i turn around and gently crash my lips to hers.  I really like her. We kiss for a few moments then i grab her hand and we walk down the street to a diner. 


~Harry's POV~

Niall never came home last night so me and the boys decided to check Braelynn's apartment. When we walk in the door we see her and Niall sitting at he kitchen table. Great,they made breakfast. we all start eating and I ask them a few questions about their night. It seems like they had a good time. Wait, where'd they go!? We checked the whole apartment when we saw a note in the sink. 


Harry and the lads,

We decided to go our for breakfast. See ya'll when we come back!


p.s. Oh and please clean up the kitchen for us,thanks.

Niall and Brae


~Braelynn's POV~

I'm kinda afraid to leave the 4 boys alone in my apartment,But im glad  i can be alone with Niall. We get the the diner and sit in the booth in the back. we order our food and eat. After we're done eating we start walking down the street. we don't really have anywhere to go, we just walk.  We walk to this little park and sit in the grass and talk.Somehow it turned into a full our grass fight. I had grass all over me, in my hair,in my shirt, shoes, EVERYWHERE. It was all over Niall as well,but not quite as bad. When we get back to the apartment i was suprised to see that it wasnt destroyed. The mess from breakfast was cleaned up and the boys were sitting on my couch watching tv. 


~Harry's POV~

"well look who finally decided to come back!" I yelled across the house when i heard the door open. Niall and Brae walked in,they had grass all over them, I wonder what happened? "What happened to you two?" Louis asks from beside me. "we uhh kinda got into a grass fight" they say. "suuuuure a "grass fight"  Zayn says using his fingers to air quotations around grass fight.

"Well go get cleaned up, we have plans tonight" I tell them.


~Braelynn's POV~ 

Me and Niall get all the grass off of us and then we all get into Harry's car. We pull into the parking lot of the laser tag building. "Laser Tag!? I fucking love laser tag!" I scream  we get out of the car and walk inside the building, We get our vests and our guns, when its time to play, the big doors open to a ginormous black room with glow in the dark paint splattered all around. A buzzer goes off signaling the start of the game. Niall and i decide to team up, He takes me to the second level and tells me to stay here and shoot whenever i have the chance. He leaves and starts to roam around the area. Zayn and Liam come past me walking slowly back and forth,so i shoot both of them. They groan then look all around them, they look up and when they do i hide in a little alcove so they can't see me. I shoot them both again. they're dumbfounded. I shoot them each about ten times before they leave. I wait for a few minutes before Louis runs past me screaming, i shoot him and then i notice Niall running quickly behind him. I watch as Niall hides behind a wall and then walks up to me. He gives me a slow and passionate kiss. Another buzzer goes off and the lights come on, signaling the end of the game. We walk outside to check who won. 

The order was(shots-how many times you shot others) (hits-how many times others hit you)

Braelynn-32 shots 0 hits

Niall- 17 shots 5 hits

Zayn-13 shots 12 hits

liam-10 shots 12 hits

Louis 5 shots 7 hits

Harry- 0 shots 0 hits


"Harry why didnt you shoot anyone?!" we all looked at Harry waiting for his answer.

" I uhh was the corner" he slowly answers 

" why" we all look at him and ask

" because i didn't want to get shot and none of yall past me thats why!"


After the night of laser tag we all went back to the boys flat and watched movies. The last thing i remember was laying in Nialls lap. 




Hey guys! I really apprieciate those who read my story!  If yall could favorite and like and maybe tell your friends about this story it would mean so much to me! I've tried to write a little bit each day but schools starting pretty soon so itll be a little tougher. If you have any ideas about what should happen next in the story please comment! I would love to hear yalls ideas, If i do choose to do what you suggest i will shout you out so comment!!


Thanks so much xoxox 



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