Why Did This Happen?

Right before summer guys have a contest for tickets to show and more.. Katie trys her hardest to win, and she does, her and her friend Amanda go to concert and more to come. what happens when Katie's love falls for Amanda? Will she be with him or be a true friend? Who will Katie turn to for comfort? read to find out! :)


27. Your Back?

Most of my days consisted of Cinderella movies and Ice cream, I've talked to the girls and Louis but not much.. I've just been having a ruff time I guess. Today im doing my same routine when someone knocks on my door.

K: What?

Someone in a deep voice says: Open the door!

K: Louis....

Deep voice: Nope

I decide to get up and open the door, it's Harry. I scream and jump in his arms. He hugs me tight.

K: I've missed you so much Haz!

H: I've missed you too!

We hug a little longer and pull apart.

H: You need to get out of this room, tonight!

K: But, but, you just don't understand.

H: Love, I already know, it's not good to sit in here and just think about it... So tonight we and the others apart from Niall and Amanda which aren't here yet, are going out!

K: I don't know Harry..

H: Nope, I don't wanna hear that mess!

I giggle.

K: Fine, I'll go!

H: Yayyy!!!!! Oh By the way I like your hair.

K: Thanks!

H: Welcome, now start getting ready!

K: Sir, yes sir!

I salute and he laughs while I shut the door. I decide to get pretty tonight. I pick out a short dress. It has a white top and a black bottom, which is in little ruffles. Then I get some black high heels. I set everything on the bed and hop in the shower.

After a little while in the shower, cause I really needed it... I get out and blow dry my hair, once i'm done, I straighten it out, my blue still very bright! I throw on my dress and do my make up. I but on my base, then i do some wings with liquid eyeliner, the bottom liner, some mascara, and some pink lip stick. I put on my high heels and look in the mirror one last time before I head out with my phone. I have to say, i'm pretty nervous..... I regain my focus and walk down stairs. Once downstairs every ones attention is towards me. Eleanor runs and gives me a hug.

El: You look beautiful!

K: Thanks, so do you!

Zayn and Liam attack me with hugs. I giggle.



When they finally let go of me, I give Perrie and Danielle a hug and tell them how gorgeous they look. Then I give Louis and Harry big hugs.

K: I love you guys!

Lo & H: Love you too!

I let go of them.

K: Let's go!!

Everybody cheers and we head to the cars. Were only in the car for like 5 minutes so it must not be that far away, we get out and are immediately inside. We are taken to a booth in the back and Louis goes and gets drinks. 

Lo: 1st round of shots!

We all take one and drink them, every ones faces are priceless! 

We get more and more! Well they do, i wasn't really into drinking tonight. I start to walk around while they are drinking. 

As i walk around I notice some couple going hard in a corner, it was gross. A guy goes over and taps on the girls shoulders, once he sees who it was he breaks down. I felt so bad. The girl turned around. I.. Oh... my... It was Amanda! That means... I look back to the guy but he was gone. I race to the door but i see a car speed off, It had to be Niall. Not thinking I take off my heels and start running towards Louis' house. I've never ran so hard in my life, good thing i'm athletic! I didn't stop, I really hope this is where he went! 

After about 20 minutes of running I finally make it back. I'm so out of breath but I shake it off and get my key out of my bag. I open the door and sure enough Niall is sitting on the couch with his head in his hands. 

I walk over to him.

K: Niall..

He looks up at me.

N: H...How did you know.

K: I saw the whole thing, i'm so sorry...

He brings me in a hug and cries into my shoulder while i'm on his lap. I rub shoulder and mess with his hair, trying to get him to calm down.

K: Niall, look at me..

He looks up at me with tear stained eyes.

K: Your going to be okay, I promise.

N: No i'm not.....

K:  If she couldn't see what an amazing guy you really are, then she doesn't deserve you cause you sure as hell didn't deserve what she did to you. Your a great guy Niall, any girl would be lucky to have you.

N: Thanks Katie.

K: No need. 

He brings me back into a hug and we just sit there hugging each other. 

K: Wanna go up stairs and watch some movies? I have some of my ice cream left over..

N: Yeah.

We get up and walk up stairs. Once up their I get him settled in and walk downstairs to get the ice cream. I grab it and bring it back up stairs with some spoons.

N: Thanks Katie, this really means a lot.

I was about to say something when theres a knock on the door.

K: Stay here, i'll get it.

I walk downstairs and open the door, once I see who it is my blood starts to boil.


Awe poor Niall!!!! Do you think Niall and Katie could end up together? Who do you think is at the door?? I'll update soon loves!! Read, comment, and like!!! Thanks! xx.

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