Why Did This Happen?

Right before summer guys have a contest for tickets to show and more.. Katie trys her hardest to win, and she does, her and her friend Amanda go to concert and more to come. what happens when Katie's love falls for Amanda? Will she be with him or be a true friend? Who will Katie turn to for comfort? read to find out! :)


15. Tour Time!

Harry sets me down on my bed and gets my suitcases out.

K: I wanna help!

H: Well common then!

K: Okay Mr. Bossy

H: Ha. Ha. Ha.

I start laughing.

I go over to drawers and get the little bit of clothes I put in there because I knew our stay here wouldn't last long. I walk over to my suitcases and put some clothes in each. 

H: Hmm... Katie?

K: What?

I turn around to Harry holding one of my Victoria Secrets underwear.


I snatch them away from him and put them back in my bag. He starts laughing.

K: Ha. Ha. Ha

That makes him laugh even more.

I zip up my suitcases apart from the clothes i'm going to wear on the tour bus. Then I go into the bathroom and get all my toiletry. 

K: I'm done!

H: Okay, my turn!

He picks me up bridal style and carries me to his hotel room while I laugh. Once we get into his room he tosses me onto his bed and gets his suitcases out. He puts all his clothes and everything and zips them up.

H: Finished!

K: Yay! Now what do we do?

He doesn't answer, just comes over and kisses me, I kiss back. Once again we are interrupted by banging on the door. He puts his head down in the crook of my neck and I just laugh.

K: Yes?

Lo: Are you guys ready?

H: Yes! Now leave us alone!

Lo: Meow! No need to catch an attitude Mr. Styles!

K: Bye Lou!

Lo: Bye my twin!

Harry leans down and kisses me then gets his bags. I get up and follow him and go get my bags, then we head to where everyone else is. 

P: Are you all ready to go??

All: Yupp!

P: Well lets go?

We all head to the tour bus. For once Amanda isn't all over Niall. That's hilarious! Me and Harry walk on first and he shows me where his bunk is.

P: Katie?

K: Yes Paul??

P: You can bring your stuff in the back room with Amanda.

K: Alright.

I walk to the back room where Amanda is.

K: Hey..

A: Hey!

K: How are you doing?

A: Good except i miss my friend...

K: I miss mine too..

A: So are we cool again?

K: Sure, why not..

She runs over and hugs me, I hug her back.

K: I'm gonna go see what Harry is up too.

A: Alright, see you later!!

K: Okay.

I walk over to Harry. 

H: How did that go?

K: I guess were friends again..

H: Is that a good thing?

K: I guess, but she hasn't won my trust back.

H: I wouldn't give it to her either.

He leans down and kisses me then raps me in a hug.

H: Cuddling tonight, you, me, in my bunk, bedtime?

I start laughing.

K: Haha okay love.

H: Hey, your getting a little British accent!

K: What ever you say hun.

H: Ha. Ha.

He leans down and kisses me again.

K: Wanna go hang out with everybody?

H: Sure, why not!

I grab my phone and head with Harry into the living area. We sit down and I look on my phone. I see Raegan's name on my messaging. Raegan is my real bestfriend, iv'e known her since first grade, but in eighth grade she moved, we've kept in contact, but i haven't talked to her in a while.. Thinking about it brings a tear to my eye but I don't let it fall. I decide to text her.

K: Hey Rae.


K: I miss you too! I'm sorry I haven't talked to you in a while.

R: I'm sorry too! We've both been busy, so how are you?

K: I'm good but I really do miss you Rae.

R: I miss you to. Your making me cry.

K: Please don't cry!

R: To late..

I start to tear up.

Lo: You okay love?

Everybody turns towards me.

K: uhh. yeah, just catching up with an old friend.

I wipe my tears. Harry kisses my forehead. I go back to texting Raegan.

K: Oh my gosh, your making me cry in front of everyone hun!

R: I'm sorry, I just miss you!

K: I miss you to! Tell everyone I said hi, i miss them and love them.

R: Okay! Hey, I gotta go, I'll text you later okay?!

K: Alright, love you bestfriend!!!!!!

R: Love you too bestfriend!!

I lock my screen and snuggle into Harry.

H: You okay love.

I nod.

He puts his arm around me and i gently fall asleep.

About 30 minutes later I feel someone kiss me. My eyes flutter open to be met by Harry.

H: Hey babe, were stopping to eat, come on.

K: Okay, where?

H: I-Hop

I laugh and get up. Harry grabs my hand and we walk off the bus together. It's late at night... Hmm maybe i slept longer than 30 minutes.. oops...

We walk and sit with the guys and Amanda.

Z: Hey, sleeping beauty.

K: I'm hungry.

Lo: Well hello to you to twin!

K: I'm hungry.

Li: Oh, now you just sound like Niall.

Everybody starts laughing, even me.

Later when everybody is done we head back onto the bus and head to our bunks. I go put on sleep stuff and crawl into bed with Harry.

H: Night  babe.

K: Night Harry.

I cuddle up to him and fall asleep.


In case you guys are wondering Raegan is my real bestfriend. hopefully this was long enough. Jayde I will get to you just give me time to fit it into my story. It will happen though!! But anyways... comment and like and don't forget to spread the word my readers!! Thanks! xx.

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