Why Did This Happen?

Right before summer guys have a contest for tickets to show and more.. Katie trys her hardest to win, and she does, her and her friend Amanda go to concert and more to come. what happens when Katie's love falls for Amanda? Will she be with him or be a true friend? Who will Katie turn to for comfort? read to find out! :)


24. Girls Night!

We got back to the house and went inside to see Louis sitting on the couch, just like we left him.

Lo: Have fun girls?

E: So much fun! Look at Katie's hair!

She pushed me towards the front and played with my hair.

Lo: It's so blue.

K: You don't like it?

Lo: No! I love it twin! You look even more beautiful!

K: Awwe thanks twin!

I walk over and give him a hug.

Lo: Now whats on the agenda?

E: Well.... we are giving Katie a make over and then getting ready and going out!

Lo: Fun! Can I come??

E: But it's a girls night!

He gives us the puppy dog face. We all look at each other.

K: Okay Lou, you can come..

Lo: Yayyy!!

E: Okay girls lets go get ready!

We all race up stairs. Once we get to my room they take out their newly bought dresses. They are gorgeous! Eleanor's is a short black dress that really complements her figure, Perrie's is a short fluffy dress that is multi-colored, Danielle's is a short red dress that has one shoulder, and mine is a blue high low dress. We all change into them and look into the mirror.

K: Were hot.

We all start laughing.

E: Okay, were gonna do our make up then were doing yours.

K: Alrighty!

They do their make up, they are so pretty it's not even funny, they make me insecure, but i love them!

P: Okay come on love, your turn!

I sit into a chair that isn't facing the mirror and they get to work. About 5 minutes later they are done, they turn me around and i see a pretty me. I have blue smokey eye and liquid eyeliner in the top which go out into wings, under eyeliner, mascara, some blush, and pink lip stick, I smile.

P: You like it?

K: No....

They get frowns.

K: I love it!!

They squeal and give me a hug.

D: You look beautiful!

K: Thanks! so do yall!

E: Your hair is already good how it is so you guys ready to party??

K, D, & P: Yess!!

We put on our heels and head down stairs. We see Louis sitting on the couch. He turns and looks at us when he hears us come down.

Lo: Ready to go?

We nod.

Lo: You guys look amazing!

E: Thanks Lou!

She walks over and gives him a kiss when he gets up. After they are done we start to head out. Louis is last so he can lock up. He looks at me.

Lo: You clean up nice!

K: Thanks, I had help.

Lo: Well you look good love.

K: Thanks Lou.

We hop in the car and head to the club. 

(skip the car ride)

Once we get there we just walk straight in and head to the VIP section, wow they must come here often. We find a little area of couches and sit down while Louis gets drinks. He comes back with 5 shots of god knows what. We all take one.

Lo: To a good time ladies!

We all toast and take our shots. What ever it was, it was strong!

P: Wooooohhh! Next round!

We all take more shots until were tipsy, then head to the dance floor. We all start dancing. Suddenly i feel hand on my waist, I jump and look back, It's a very handsome guy, he has blondish hair and hazel eyes.

K: Well, hello there...

He laughs.

Guy: Hi.

K: And your name is???

Guy: Aiden, and you?

K: I'm Katie, it's nice to meet you Aiden.

Ai: You too, can i get you a drink?

K: Sure

I smile and he takes my hand and leads me to the bar, we sit down and he orders our drinks. Then he looks at me and smiles.

Ai: Your really pretty.

K: Thank you.

Ai: no problem 

He smiles. 

Ai: Now, tell me about yourself.

K: Well.. I'm from Texas, i'm 18, and I love to play softball. Now you?

Ai: Well, I'm from here, i'm 18 as well, and I love to play football. (Soccer)

K: That's cool.

Ai: Wanna dance?

K: Yeah.

We get up and he takes my hand, once we hit the dance floor a slow song comes on. I put my hands on his shoulders and his go on my hips. We just stare into each other's eyes. Towards the end he starts to lean in. I smile and lean in to, then we kiss and the song ends. We pull away and I smile.

K: I'd hate to leave you but I have to get back to my friends.

Ai: Can I have your number?

K: Of course.

He hands me his phone and I put my number it and hand it back to him.

K: Bye Aiden.

Ai: Bye Katie.

He hugs me and we kiss again then I leave and find the table again. When I get there everybody is sitting on the couch.

E: Where have you been??

K: I met a guy....

D, P, & E: Awwweeee!!! Tell us!

K: Well his name is Aiden and he is really cute and he asked for my number and we kissed.

D, P, & E: Awwweeeee!

Louis makes a face and I stick my tongue out at him.

Lo: You guys ready to go?

We nod and leave. Once we get back I head up stairs and put my phone on the charger, I have a new message.

Ai: Hey love, it's Aiden, I just wanted to say that I had a amazing time tonight.

K: Hey, So did I.

Ai: Do you think I could ever take you out on a date?

K: Possibly ;)

Ai: Haha, well I would really love too.

K: How about tomorrow? Wanna meet me at Starbuck's noonish?

Ai: Of course. Is 1 alright?

K: Yeah, i wanna sleep in a little tomorrow.

Ai: Me too, so 1 it is.

K: Can't wait.

Ai: Me either, good night beautiful, see you tomorrow.

K: Good night :)

I put my phone down and crawl into bed. Soon I fall asleep with a smile on my face.


New guy??? Or will Niall get in the way?? Who knows?? I'll update soon! Comment and Like and Read! Thanks to you loyal readers that keep up with my updates, it means alot. Bye! xx.

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