Why Did This Happen?

Right before summer guys have a contest for tickets to show and more.. Katie trys her hardest to win, and she does, her and her friend Amanda go to concert and more to come. what happens when Katie's love falls for Amanda? Will she be with him or be a true friend? Who will Katie turn to for comfort? read to find out! :)


26. Date.

The next day i woke up with a pounding head ache. I felt like I was going to die! I look at me phone and it's 12. Shit! I have to get ready! I get out of bed and walk down stairs. Louis is sitting on the couch with a coffee and watching football. (soccer) 

K: How are you not hung over?

Lo: Secrets.

K: Ugghhh...

Lo: Head ache?

K: Yes! Do you have any thing to take?

Lo: There's some advil in the kitchen cabinet.

K: Okay, thanks.

Lo: Welcome!

I walk into the kitchen and take 2 advils. Then I walk upstairs to take a shower and get ready. I pick out some blue skinny jeans, a shirt that has ZAP on it (like Zayn's tattoo), and my black and white converse. I blow dried and straightened my hair, the blue really popped today if I must say, and did my make up. After I was done I looked in the mirror. I grabbed my phone and took a picture. Then i sent and texted Zayn.

K: Hey Zayn!! Like my outfit? Bit familiar hu? Haha miss you Zayn!

With in minutes he texted back.

Z: Love it!!! And your hair looks amazing love, I miss you too!

I look at the time and its 12:50, shit I better go! I jog downstairs. 

K: Louis!! Can you take me to starbucks real quick?! It's an emergency!!!

Lo: Alrighttttt......

K: Yay!

He gets up and we walk to the car.

Lo: What you going to starbucks for???

K: Ummm... I'm meeting a friend...

Lo: Is it that boy from last night??

K: Maybeeeeeeeeee

Lo: Oooo Katie!!!

i blush as we pull up.

Lo: and we are here!!! Have fun you crazy love bird.

K: I'll try!

I walk inside and find a table. Aiden isn't here yet, but it's okay cause i'm a little early anyways. I wait a little bit and play on my phone, after a while I look at the time, it's 1:10, he's late.. Maybe he's just in a rush or something but i'm gonna go ahead and order a drink for me until he gets here. I ordered a refresher. I sit and wait again. What if he stood me up? I don't think he would do that though, he seems like a really sweet guy.....  decide to text him.

K: Hey, where are you, i'm at starbucks and its 2. 

I get no text back, tears start to well up in my eyes. I get up and walk out. As soon as I get outside I see Aiden walking my way with a tall brunette linked to his arm, anger boils inside me. I walk up to him.

K: Hey Aiden, thanks for standing me up.

Ai: I ment to text you but i didn't feel like it.

K: Wow, so whose this?

Ai: My girlfriend Ashley.

K: Hmm. Hi Ashley.

As: What do you want?

K: I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful time me and Aiden had last night.

She looked at him, then back at me.

As: Excuse me?

K: Oh yeah we met at a bar last night, then he asked me out on a date today.

Ai: Babe, it ment nothing to me. I promise.

I look at him with hurt eyes, then i get angry and slap him. He holds his face.

As: Hey bitch, don't touch my boyfriend!

Then she slapped me, her ring left a cut on my lip.

K: Bitch!

Then I just let all my anger out and gave her a good punch in the face. She falls and I look at Aiden.

K: Have a nice life!

Then I turn and walk away. Once i'm a good ways away i just start crying. Nothing will ever go right for me, I may as well just give up. Then I can't get hurt anymore. I look around where i'm at and see a store. I walk in and go straight to the frozen section. I see my favorite ice cream, I can't believe they have it here! I grab 2 pints and then walk to the movies. I see that they have the Cinderella Stories. All of them. I pick them all up and walk to the cash register. I pay then leave and start to walk back from where Louis brought me. About 30 minutes later I find the house. I walk in and Louis and El are there. She sees me and smiles.

El: How'd the date go?

K: I don't wanna talk about it....

She looks at my face closer.

El: What happened to your lip?

K: Long story, i'm just gonna go up stairs...

Tears start to well up in my eyes again but I run upstairs before they can see. I get to my room and lock the door. I take all my things out of my bag. Crap, I need a spoon...

I get up and walk down stairs and into the kitchen to get a spoon.

Lo: What happened?

I jumps because I didn't know he was in here.

K: Nothing.

Lo: Something, your like a book hun.

K: Ugghh, he stood me up... then when i was leaving he came with his girlfriend so i confronted him then me and his girlfriend got into a fight, then I left.

Tears start going down my face.

Lo: Come here.

I walk into his arms and let him hug me and softly cry into his shoulder. I let go and get my spoon.

K: Thanks Lou, but I really just want to be alone right now..

Lo: No problem love, tell me if you need anything. 

I nod my head and walk back upstairs. I pick out my movie, which is A Cinderella Story with Hilary Duff.  I start it and sit on my bed with my ice cream and eat it.

I'm gonna be here for a while......


Booooo, he sucks! Will Katie ever learn to love again? Or will she be lonely forever? Comment and Like and Read! I'll update soon!! Thanks! xx.

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