Why Did This Happen?

Right before summer guys have a contest for tickets to show and more.. Katie trys her hardest to win, and she does, her and her friend Amanda go to concert and more to come. what happens when Katie's love falls for Amanda? Will she be with him or be a true friend? Who will Katie turn to for comfort? read to find out! :)


12. Amusement Park!!!!

So ,we are currently at Six flags and Louis is pulling me towards Super Man (a roller coaster). I laugh at his childishness and follow behind him. I look back for Harry and he is talking with the others. He catches my eye and i stick my hand out for him to come along, he jogs up to me and interlaces our fingers. I smile and blush as does he and follow Louis. 

We get to Superman and there is no like for the front so we get in that line. Louis turns and looks at me with a wide smile on his face, once he sees Harry his smile seems to get wider. He looks down at our interlaces hands and is smiling so wide that his mouth is open.

Lo: Hmmm you two??

He points at us. 

We both just shrug our shoulders and blush.

Louis laughs and turns because the gates opened and it was our turn. 

I sit between Louis and Harry. Me and Harry are still holding hands and he is caressing the back of my hand with his thumb.

He looks down at our hands then back up at me and smiles.

Then the ride starts.... soon, it was over... It was amazing!!! I've always wanted to ride it but i've always been to short sadly. We get out of the ride laughing. Me and Harry are still holding hands, I swear they fit perfect. My small hand in his big hand.

We find our group which was waiting off and Louis turns to me and Harry.

Lo: Now if you don't mind love birds, i would like to take my twin Katie on poltergeist now.

I look up at Harry and he nods. We let go of each others hand and i kiss him on the cheek and leave with Louis.  

Louis skips over to poltergeist and we hop in line... While in line we talk for a bit.

Lo: So, you and Haz?

K: I don't know...

Lo: Do you like him?

K: Yeah...

Lo: Well, I can tell he likes you too.

I blush.

K: What do I do then?

Lo: Well, ride the Ferris wheel with him, i'm sure something will happen there.

K: Haha, okay Lou.

Lo: Now! Are you ready for this ride?!

K: Most defiantly!!

Me and Louis ride the ride and are soon walking back to the group. I walk over to Harry.

H: How was it?

K: Lots of fun, Louis was screaming like a girl the whole time!

Lo: Hey, I was not! It was a manly scream.

K: I don't know how many manly 6 year old little girls you know that scream like you did.

Lo: Ha, ha, okay miss sassy pants!

I stick my tongue out at him. Everybody starts laughing.

Harry grabs my hand and pulls me away from the crowd.

K: Where are we going?

H: To the Ferris wheel. Is that okay with you?

K: Yes, i would love to.

He smiles down at me while I bush.

We get to the Ferris wheel and while we wait in line he just stands there and hugs me from behind around my waist. I blush and put my hands on his. 

Once we get in our gondola we sit on the same bench and very close together. We start to move and Harry puts his arm around me and holds my hand. 

H: Katie?

K: Yes?

H: I want you to know something.

K: What is it Harry?

H: I really like you.

K: I like you too, alot.

H: Would it be okay if i kissed you?

K: There's no need to ask.

With that we both lean in and i get butterflies in my stomach, it was soft and passionate. We pull apart. 

H: Will you be my girlfriend??

K: I would love to.

He brings me in for another kiss and we cuddle until our ride ends.

Once we get off we interlock fingers and walk back to the group. The first person to look at us is Louis. He gives me a questionably look and i nod my head and blush.

Lo: About damn time!!!

Everybody turns and looks at me and Harry. 

Liam looks at our hands and points at us.

Li: You two are together?!

We both nod and blush.

Z: I don't believe it.

H: Well believe it. 

Harry turns, leans in and kisses me in front of everyone. I hear whistling and Louis howling. I smile into the kiss then we pull apart.

K: More convinced?

Z: Yes.

I look at everyone and they are all happy except Niall who isn't even smiling, he looks jealous..... What? Uggh you know what he can go some wheres, i'm now happy with Harry, if he would be upset about it he should have never been with Amanda. I clear my thoughts as me leave and get in the car. Me on Harry's lap again and head back to the hotel.


Oooooooo! Katie and Harry are together!! :D What's Niall's problem? Hmm.... we will just have to wait and find out. Comment and like loves!!! xx. 

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