Loved You First

Emily Como and Harry Styles have been best friends since they were 3. They shared all their secrets with each other.... maybe not ALL their secrets. There is one secret that Harry never told Emily: he is in love with her and has been ever since they were twelve. He has never told her because he was scared of what her reaction might be, but when emily gets engaged to someone else, will his secret finally come out?


11. Surprise


 Emily's POV
 I can't wait for Harry and his band mates to get home. Harry invited them over tonight so I can meet them. Right now it's 3 and they won't be home until 6, so I have enough time to take a shower. I grabbed my underwear and some warm, comfy clothes, since we were only hanging out outside. I put two towels on the rack and turned on the water. I hopped in and let the warm water run down my back. I shampooed and conditioned my hair, then washed my body and rinsed off. I stepped out of the shower and dried myself off. I put on my clothes, dried my hair, and started curling it. 
     ( Emily's outfit is at the top)
 After I was finished curling my hair, I put on a little bit of make-up. I only put on some mascara and lip-gloss though. I put on my boots and scarf and walked down the stairs. My mom was at a reunion with her friends and my dad is out for a business trip so I walked out without having to say goodbye to anyone. I jogged up to Harry's front door and pressed the doorbell. Seconds later, those familiar emerald eyes greeted me.
"HARRY!" I screamed as I jumped onto him and gave him a huge bear hug.
"Hey Emmy!" He chuckled hugging me back.
"I missed you so much!!" I said pulling away to see his face.
"I missed you too Em! Wanna go meet the other boys of One Direction?"
"Of course!" He walked me to the backyard where I was greeted by four boys around mine and Harry's age. I scanned over the faces and came upon a familiar one. Why is he so familiar? Then it hit me. Is that really him?

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