Teenage troubles

Being Harry styles 18 year old daughter is not always easy. From the paparazzi, to the annoying friends always wanting to meet your dad. Not to mention that you are in love with your dads best mate, who by the way has known you since you were a baby. (If you haven't read Forever and Always you need to read it)


4. Is this true


(Zayn's pov):

    It's been about a month since Darcy and I told Harry and Gracie about us. Everything has been going amazing, except for one thing. About 2 weeks ago me and the lads went out for the night, and I got really drunk! I met this girl named Molly (random name) and I slept with her, not to mention I may have gotten her pregnant. Today I was taking a test for her to see if I really was the father, so I got up and quickly went to the hospital. After the test the doctor said he would call me. I went home and Darcy was there. D:"hey boyfriend" Z:"hey babe, what are you doing here?" D:"we'll, you live here and I wanted to see you, but if you want me to leave then I will." She went a sat down on the couch and I went and sat next to her and she climbed on my lap. Z:"no, I want you to stay, I just have a lot on my mind right now." D:"well do you want to talk about it?" Z:"no, not right now, but I love you for being here for me." D:"I love you to." I leaned in a gave her a soft kiss. Then I went to go make lunch for us.

(Darcy's pov): Zayn has been very distant lately, and I just don't know what is wrong. He got up to make lunch and while he was In the kitchen his phone started buzzing. Z:"can you answer that babe?" I picked up his phone and it was a text from some girl named Molly. From Molly: Hey Zayn, it's Molly, I just wanted to let you know that you are the father of my baby." At first I didn't want to believe it, why would he do this to me? I went into the kitchen. Z:"what's up babe?" D:"what's this all about?" He grabbed his phone and read over the text. Z:"baby I....." D:"no, don't baby me, is this true? Did you get a girl pregnant?" Z:"ok, yes I did, and I should have told you but I didn't want to hurt you." I was trying to hold back tears but I just started crying. D:"if you didn't want to hurt me, that didn't work, you lied to me Zayn and that's even worse." Z:"I'm so sorry babe, I love you and it hurts me to know I hurt you." D:"no,if you really loved me then you would have told me earlier." Z:"I wanted to but I didn't know how, can we please just talk about this?" D:"no Zayn, you lied to me about something huge, I think we need to be away from each other for a while." Z:"babe, what are you saying?" D:"I'm saying I need time to think about this so I think we should be done for a while." Z:"Baby don't say that, I love you so much." D:"I know, and I love you, but you hurt me and I just need some space." I packed my stuff up that I had at Zayns and left. When I got home I ran upstairs to my room and just cried. My dad came up and just sat there while I cried. H:"princess what's wrong?" D:"he cheated daddy, he broke my heart and he got someone pregnant!" H:"who baby?" D:"Zayn, I just found out today, we are In a huge fight and we broke up." H:"shhh, princess it will be ok." He held me there for a few minutes and then told me to get some sleep. Right before I fell asleep my phone rang. From Zayn: baby girl I miss you so much, I love you and I'm sorry for not tell you, it was wrong and I know it, without you I can't go on with life, I'm just letting you know I won't be around to cause you anymore trouble, I love you so much.......

(cliff hanger!!!! What's going to happen to Zayn? And thanks for reading!! Love you all:)

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