Teenage troubles

Being Harry styles 18 year old daughter is not always easy. From the paparazzi, to the annoying friends always wanting to meet your dad. Not to mention that you are in love with your dads best mate, who by the way has known you since you were a baby. (If you haven't read Forever and Always you need to read it)


14. Christmas part 2, Zayns turn

(Zayn's Pov):

     Christmas morning, I wake up to my beautiful future fiancé, hopefully she says yes. I mean I know she's only 18, but at least it is better than proposing when we first go together when she was 16 right? And we wouldn't have to have the wedding right away, I mean we could wait for as long as she wanted, just as long as we would get married. I was planning on giving her all her gifts, and then at the end give her the little black box with the diamond in it. We were having the guys and there family over at 1 and it was 11:30 now, and Darcy was getting ready. "Zayn, can you come up here please" I heard her yell. I ran upstairs and saw Darcy in a gorgeous red dress. "baby, do you mind zipping me up in the back?" "I would love to, but I would also like to unzip it" I told her as I started kissing her collarbone, moving down to her neck and finding her sweet spot. She started moaning, and I knew I was doing good. "Zayn, not right now, we have my family and the rest of the guys coming over, and I don't need to look like I just had sex with you" "fine, but tonight, I am getting you all alone, and there is nothing you can do about it" "ok, ok, I guess that's fair, now get ready you dork" "ok, but you might have to help me with my tie" "yes babe, I know, now get dressed" I walked to our walk-in closet we had and pulled out a pair of black pans, a nice white shirt and a tie. I went to the bathroom and put my pants and shirt on, not bothering to button up my shirt. "ok, baby, I need your help now" Darcy came over to me and buttoned up my shirt and helped me with my tie, then the door bell rang. "I will get it" she said and made her way down stairs. I went to the dresser and pulled out the ring, I decided I wasn't going to wrap it after all. I put it in my pants pocket and went downstairs to be greeted by Niall and his wife Aubrie and there son Theo who is 3, Harry and Gracie, Liam and Danielle and their daughter Lexi, and Louis and Eleanor and there son Tommy and there daughter Lanee. Darcy went and talked to Harry and Gracie for a bit as I went into the kitchen and started setting the table, and once that was done, I started mashing the potatoes. As I got done, Darcy came into the kitchen to get the turkey out of the oven and all the salads out of the fridge. I came up behind her and put my arms around her waist. "hey pretty girl" "well hey handsome" I looked at everyone sitting and eating and I was proud. "you know, we did good babe" "yes, we did, now lets go and eat" she grabbed my hand and we sat down. About halfway through the meal Darcy stood up. "ok, every one, I would like to say something, I was going to wait until later, when it was just Zayn and I but I think everyone should know, Zayn and I have been together for 2 years now, and I think its time to tell everyone, that I am..... well I am pregnant" my face turned into a smile as I picked her up and kissed her.

(After dinner)

(Zayns pov)

    We had just finished eating and we were all gathered around the tree. We were passing around gifts and everyone started opening them. I got a watch from Liam and Dani, a iPhone from Zayn, a camera from Niall and Aubrie, a new car from my parents and picture frames from Louis and Eleanor. Then I saw Zayn stand up. "could I get everyone's attention please, especially my beautiful girlfriends" we all looked at him and I got up and stood next to him. "ok as you all know I love Darcy with everything I have inside of me, and this Christmas I thought I would give her one of the best gifts ever, so Darcy Ann Styles, will you marry me?" I said as I got down on one knee and pulled out the ring. I saw her eyes fill with tears as she saw the ring. "yes, Zayn of course I will marry you, I love you so much" "I love you to baby girl" I slid the ring on her finger as she showed everyone. As the day went by everyone started leaving and soon enough everyone had left. Darcy and I were snuggled up on the couch by the fire place watching a movie. "I cant believe we are going to be a family soon, and I promise we can wait until whenever you want to have the wedding, I'm not rushing you" "Zayn, I want to get married as soon as possible, I love you and I just want to be your wife" "ok, then we will plan a date soon, I love you" "I love you also" I went down to her stomach and kissed it. "I love him or her already" I leaned up and gave her a kiss and then we went to bed.


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