Teenage troubles

Being Harry styles 18 year old daughter is not always easy. From the paparazzi, to the annoying friends always wanting to meet your dad. Not to mention that you are in love with your dads best mate, who by the way has known you since you were a baby. (If you haven't read Forever and Always you need to read it)


8. Always be together

(Darcy's pov):

The morning after my birthday I woke up and Zayn wasn't there. Instead there was a note.

Morning baby! I have gone out to the gym for a while, and I will be back later on, call me when you wake up I love you!

i grabbed my phone and instead I just texted him to let him know I was up. Then I got a text from my dad. From: Dad: "hey sweetie, you need to come by the house today, your mother and I just found something out and it's not going to be good." I started thinking what could possibly be wrong. To: Dad: "ok dad, Zayn is gone now, do you mind if I come over now?" From: Dad:"actually Zayn is not at the gym, he is over here so yes come over now." Ugh, I climbed out of bed and put some sweats on and one of Zayns shirts and put my hair in a bun and grabbed my keys and left. 

(Skip car ride) (Darcy's pov):

When I got to my parents house Paul's car was there, and the only time Paul came around is when management has a problem with something. I grabbed my key I still had and walked In. D:"Mom, Dad, Zayn?" Z:"in here babe." I went up to the living room and saw Paul sitting there with a serious look on his face. D:"what's going on?" H:"honey, sit down next to Zayn, we have something we need to discuss with the both of you." D:"Mom, Dad, Paul you guys are starting to scare me." G:"just please sit down sweetheart." I sat down next to Zayn and he grabbed my hand and placed a kiss on it before intertwining our fingers. H:"ok, so as you know ever since  you and Zayn have gone public there have been so many haters, and people don't like the ideals of you dating Zayn, so management is making you date another big celebrity." G:"now don't freak when we tell you this, but you have to break up with Zayn and date Justin Bieber, you guys have to sign a 1 year contract and pretend to be in love." Z:"ok, so let me get this straight, you are saying Darcy and I have to break up just because management doesn't want us together?" P:"ya, and Zayn you might want to start seeing someone else also." D:"No, just no, just because I am the daughter of Harry styles doesn't mean I am him! I am sick and tired of management ruining everything for me, and I am sure a hell not going to let them ruin the best realashionship I have ever had, I love Zayn with all of my heart and nothing is going to change that." H:"sweetheart I know a year is along time but you and Zayn will be back together before you know it." D:"No dad, Zayn and I will stay together, I don't give a fuck if people see us, I am not going to go out with that Bieber kid." P:"Darcy you have to, just out in public." I couldn't take it anymore I ran to my old room and Zayn shortly came in after. Z:"baby, we aren't going to let them tear us apart, that ring on your finger is a promise that no matter what happens we will be together, forever and always, and I love you more than you will ever know." D:"I just don't want to lose you." He held me close to his chest. Z:"shh, shh baby you aren't ever going to lose me, I love you." D:"I love you to, forever and always." Z:"forever and always." He kissed me passionately and we layed there for a while then went back home not wanting to start this shit with Justin Bieber.

(hey! I am a bieber fan, but I'm a bigger Directioner!)

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