The Rise of The Syndicate

When the world is centered around power how can one survive in this time


3. The World we inhabit


It was the steady knock on his door that woke him although he wished it had not getting up from his bed and having a brief fight with his blanket he went to the door which the knocking had gotten progressively louder, "I'm coming so stop beating on my door before I get out there and kick your ass" with his piece said he walked up to the door and opened revealing his best friend Henry there tapping his foot impatiently "finally damn man what took so long"

"its called walking it takes time to get from point A to point B we've been over this Henry" came his reply

waving him off Henry walked into his apartment before taking a seat on his couch. "so is there any reason you decided to wake me up or did you just want to crash on my couch?" asked Derin 

"oh yeah you'll never guessed what I saw" not waiting for a response " there taking away a fresh batch of demons" this caused Derin to take in a sharp breath, again that was the third time this week,"shit" came his reply " i know man its crazy next thing you know were all on there list" this caused Derin to swear a few more times, "look man i know its a bummer but right now there something a little more important" Derin turned to him with a raised eyebrow asking a silent what? "like the fact that you have work in fifteen minutes and your not even dressed" this caused Derin to look down indeed he was only wearing his shorts he took to bed then what Henry said registered in his mind this caused him to go wide eyed and to run into his room ignoring his friend laughing at him due to the fact that he was not ready to go, in five minutes he emerged from his room wearing a brown t-shirt with the words Franks hardware on it the look was finished by a pair of gray jeans, and a brown cap, with the same words, on his feet were a pair of boots, walking with Henry he slipped on a metal clamp looking device onto his right arm grabbed his keys and left with Henry.

The ride was silent as he and henry rode in his car it barley going the speed limit his car was old but it still flew so it still got him were he was going, it was a seven minute drive to his workplace parking the car and powering down the engine , they left the car heading into the store where his boss looked at him with a smirk "cutting it close today aren't we Leviathan" he asked which he got a quick "yes sir" for his trouble letting loose a quick chuckle he looked at Derin and said " well your here so get to work" 

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