The Truth in The Lie (X-Men fanfic)

Chris has been an x-man for about a week everyone likes her she is strong and kind but after a fight with one of there enamies it's sparks memories of her past making her restless,ruthless and hungry for revenge yet at the same time depressed and feeling guilty and blames her self for what happened all those years ago will she find out the truth and get revenge?


4. Chapter 4

"We will leave you guys alone," said Logan pushing everyone out of the room. She went over and stood by the rotting corps. "What happened to you." she asked knowing she wouldn't answer. Chris looked down and on one of the boney fingers there was a ring. A ring in the shape of a cobra twisting and turning wrapping around her finger, the silver ring turning black with age. In her mothers will the ring was supposed to be given to her but no one could find it. She slipped the ring off the finger and slipped it in her pocket just before the rest of the team entered the room. "We should get the body out of here because not only is it unsanitary but it smells horrible," Hank stated

"Goodbye bye mom," Chris whispered so no one herd "Your time has come."

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