The Truth in The Lie (X-Men fanfic)

Chris has been an x-man for about a week everyone likes her she is strong and kind but after a fight with one of there enamies it's sparks memories of her past making her restless,ruthless and hungry for revenge yet at the same time depressed and feeling guilty and blames her self for what happened all those years ago will she find out the truth and get revenge?


3. Chapter 3

"When I was 3 my mom left to go and help people in Africa, or that's what she said, but really she just went to capture one of my nemeses Jessie aka The Night Rader. Well his dad I never really wanted to know his name but anyways he went to stop him never came back. Yet her body was never found but nor was The Night Rader's some say hes dead but..."

"Can you be anymore clear," Scott said

"Chris you might want to see this," said Storm as she barged in "in the lounge,"

"Last night a body of a woman was found in a cave by a couple looking for some fun.This mourning the body was confirmed to be a homicide a woman named Miranda Essex she was confirmed to have be dead for about 20 years."

"well I was wrong," said Chris staring down at the ground "Her body has been found,"


Hey peeps sorry for the short chapter I just hade so much school work to do but I finally found the time to make a new chapter.
Abby =)    

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