The Truth in The Lie (X-Men fanfic)

Chris has been an x-man for about a week everyone likes her she is strong and kind but after a fight with one of there enamies it's sparks memories of her past making her restless,ruthless and hungry for revenge yet at the same time depressed and feeling guilty and blames her self for what happened all those years ago will she find out the truth and get revenge?


1. Chapter 1

"Does she seem a little restless to you?" Kitty whispered in Bobby's ear

"Who?" he asked

"Chris," she said a little louder 

"ok no need to yell," he said stepping back "but no why," 

"Morning," Logan said entering the kitchen breaking there conversation 

"Morning," Bobby and Kitty replied

"What's her problem," he said eyeing Chris who was resting her head on the table 

"I just went thought this there is nothing wrong with Chris!" He yelled 

"UGH don't think I didn't hear you the first time," she said getting up from the table "I'm going to the gym,"

"ya something is VERY wrong," Kitty said watching her leave 

"Really," Bobby replied sarcastically "I just thought she liked punching things," 

"Only time she ever goes is if shes mad and needs to vent," Logan said "Should I go after her?" 

"No worst idea ever its probably best to leave her alone," 

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