The Long Haul


Life is back to normal for everyone, well almost. What will happen in the lives of Gabby, Niall, Zayn, Louis, Liam, and Harry? Read on to find out!


14. Happy Anniversary!

Eleanor's P.O.V.:

I ran into the house and grabbed Louis' stuff first. A pair of sweatpants, an old tee shirt, the usual. I ransacked my drawer until I found my shorts, tank top, and one of Louis' shirts. I grabbed our other essentials and drove back over to the flat.

When I got there, I ran into the bedroom to change. While I was changing, I felt two arms wrap around my waist and pull my tank top down. I spin around and was face-to-face with Louis. He led me over to the bed and started tickling me. "Stop! I. Can't. Breathe!" I laughed. He stopped, looked me dead in the eyes, and said, "Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Yes. I know it's only been 6 months, but it's felt like an eternity!"

"Okay." He pushed me to the top of the bed, and he started to kiss me.

Niall's P.O.V.:

I hope everything is going okay at home. I trust Louis 100%, but I feel like I can't at the same time. Anyway, I need to focus on Gabby right now. A very tall doctor walked in with a clipboard. He pointed at me and motioned for me to follow him. "Mr. Horan, it's more serious than we thought. Do you know what happened?"

"All I know is that Gabrielle and her sister got into a fight, which led to her cutting herself." Woah, this is the first time I've called her Gabrielle in a non-joking matter.

"Do you know of any previous cases of this?"

"She has a history of cutting, yes. Before this was probably last year, but it wasn't this bad." I responded, sounding disappointed in what she did to herself.

"Did she know the risks of cutting her stomach? We have her in our system that she gave birth about 5 days ago. There is a huge risk that she could have bled to death due to tenderness of her abdomen."

"I told her after it happened."

"When did she see the infection?"

"A few hours ago. She said she had a stomach ache and ran into the bathroom to see what it was. She saw the infection and tried to clean it, but it made it hurt even more. When I saw it, I brought her."

"Okay, Mr. Horan, this question is key in finding out why this infection is so bad. Did you see the blade? There is a chance that it could have been rusty, leading to this extremity."

"No, she didn't show me. She actually hid it from me."

"Thank you, that's all. One of the nurses or I will be back in a few hours to check on her. In the meantime, rest. You look exhausted." He walked away with a look of concentration on his face. I ran back in there to see Gabby really confused. "Babe, what's wrong? Why did he want to talk to you?"

"He just wanted to know what happened so that they know what they're dealing with. I have a question for you. Did you use a rusty blade?" She turned white as a ghost when I asked that.


"Why the hell would you use a rusty blade? That's probably why it's so infected!"

"I was upset!"

"No, you were being a little cry baby who got yelled at by your sister! Because you were being stupid, now we're in here!"

"I'm stupid now? I wasn't stupid 20 minutes ago when we were laughing! Ow!" She yelped. I ran over to her to see what was wrong, but she pushed me away. She calmed down and started to talk again. "Niall, I'm sorry. I was being stupid. I hate myself for this. If that Skype call never happened, you wouldn't be in this mess!" She cried.

"What, I wouldn't be engaged to my princess? Be a father to the cutest little dude ever? Have to love someone as much as I love you? Shit, that Skype call was the best thing to happen to me last year." I stood up and kissed her forehead. "Now, get some rest. You look exhausted."

Louis's P.O.V.:

I looked over at the clock to see that it was midnight. "Happy Anniversary babe." I looked at Eleanor and kissed her. We heard crying, so I ran into Trevor's room and calmed him down. When he was asleep again, I crawled into bed with Eleanor again and whispered in her ear, "What do you want for our anniversary?" She looked at me and whispered back, "You."

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