The Long Haul


Life is back to normal for everyone, well almost. What will happen in the lives of Gabby, Niall, Zayn, Louis, Liam, and Harry? Read on to find out!


9. Going Home

Niall's P.O.V.:
I woke up to a high pitched scream on the other side of the room. I jumped up and picked Trevor up. I held him close as I sang to him. 

"Your little hands wrapped around my finger
and it's so quiet in the world tonight
Your little eyelids flutter 'cause you're dreaming
so I tuck you in
turn on your favorite night light"

 Within minutes he was asleep. I put him back and ran back to the bed. I let my eyelids fall as I slipped into a dreamless sleep.

~6 hours later~

I woke up for real this time to see Gabby asleep. I checked my phone and realized something. It's September 13. That means two things. 1. It's our birthday and 2. Gabby's sister is visiting today. The nurse walked in, and noticing that Gabby was asleep, silently walked over to me. "Mr. Horan, I just wanted to let you know that everything's in order and you all can go home today." She smiled. I shot up and thanked her. I ran out and drove home to put the car seat in the back of the car. 

I sped back and saw Gabby and Trevor all ready to leave. We thanked the doctors and walked to the car. The car drive home was pretty silent. I pulled into our driveway to see someone else there. "Gabby, stay here. I'll be right back." I hopped out and inched towards the flat. In the light, I saw the figure of a young girl, maybe 21. "Hello, is there anyway I can help you?" I asked her. 

"OMG you're Niall Horan! Is this your flat?" She asked excitedly.

"Yeah, why?"

"Oh, I'm Jess Brin. Does my sister live anywhere near here?"

"Who's your sister?" 

"Gabrielle Brin. I'm here to visit for her birthday."

"Well, hi. She lives right here. Do you mind waiting inside? I want to surprise her." I smiled.

"Hold up, she lives here, with you?"

"Yeah, we'll explain when she comes inside." She nodded and I ran out to the car. "Gabby, it was nobody. It's safe." She stepped out of the car and brought Trevor outside. We walked up the stairs and I twisted the key. The expression on Gabby's face was priceless. "Jess, OMG I missed you!" She ran to her and squeezed. "Happy birthday G!" She squealed. 

I shut the door and sat on the couch. Holy shit, this couch is comfortable! I really missed it. "Niall," Gabby started, "this is Jess, my older sister. She the one that would get the money I made from playing guitar. By the way, how's college?" 

"I dropped out. Don't worry, I have my flat with my boyfriend in Dublin. I'm actually working, too." She smiled. "Now Niall, you said you'd explain why my sister lives here. Do you mind telling me before I go insane?"

"Your parents abused her, so I took her in, and she's been here for about a year now."

"That makes sense. Now I have one question, what's with the baby?"

"Well," I began, "we were drunk. I'd like to introduce to you Trevor James Horan."

"Holy shit, I'm an aunt! Does mom or dad know?"

"No." That's all Gabby said.

"How come he took Niall's last name? I mean, he's the father and all, but why not have him take Brin because you two aren't married?" Jess asked.

"That's another thing." Gabby held out her hand and she gawked at the ring. "Oh my god, my baby sister's all grown up." She laughed.

~5 hours later~

"Jess, do you have anywhere to stay?" Gabby asked with concern.

"Yeah, I'm staying with Mom and Dad. By the way, they asked me to tell you that they want you home tomorrow for your birthday. Are you coming over?" Gabby gave me this weird look. "Yes, we'll be there." As she said that, she smirked. I guess she assumed that I would want to go. I'm not saying that I don't, but I'm still on the fence about liking them- more like liking him. Her mum is very sweet, but her dad is another story. Gabby gave Jess one more hug and opened the door for her. 

Jess stopped, spun around, and ran towards me. She pulled me into a friendly hug and whispered something in my ear. "Thank you." I looked at her confused, but she just mouthed "I'll tell you tomorrow." She ran out without another word. Gabby spun around and ran up to me, hugging me. "Niall, did you invite Jess here to surprise me for my birthday?"

"Maybe. Happy birthday babe." I leaned in and kissed her. The kiss didn't last very long, we were interrupted by Trevor crying. Gabby, having her mum instincts kick in, picked him up and brought him to his room. I followed her and rested on the doorframe. She rocked him back and forth but nothing happened. She started singing a song, but again, nothing happened. I came up behind her and put my chin in her neck crevice. She looked at me and smiled weakly. 

"Let me take it from here." She handed him over to me and I sat on the bed. I started thinking of something to sing, when the perfect song came to me. 

"Everybody's got a different story
Everybody wanna give their selves away
But I'm still afraid

We can stay out of their field of vision
If we can keep ourselves a half a world away
Aw honey, we'll be okay

The world can be so cruel
But I will sing to you this cradlesong
All night long"

He fell asleep again and I put him in the crib. I looked at him when I felt someone come behind me. "That was incredible. Funny how only you can calm him down." She said.

"Yeah. So about going to your parents tomorrow-"

"We're going. It's been, what, a year since I saw them? Sure, I could care less about my dad, but they deserve to know what's happened since then. I want them to be a part of our lives." She spun around and walked out. I went to follow her when she stopped me. "I need a goddamn shower. I'll be out in a little bit." I didn't fight back, how could I? She did need some alone time. 

I ran out to the kitchen and grabbed a beer. Oh beer, how I've missed you. The sound it made when it opened was so refreshing. The way it tasted made me smile. I brought it with me to the couch and just drank it. Since Gabby couldn't have any yet, I had to finish it before she got out. I basically chugged it and threw it away.

I was so tired. I walked to my room and threw a pair of sweatpants on. My shirt ended up somewhere in the room. I was about to lay down in our bed when I remembered that we had to stay with Trevor in his room. I groaned and basically dragged myself to his room. Gabby was already laying down in there. I snuck behind her and grabbed her by her waist. She molded her body to mine as we both fell into a sleep that we both knew wouldn't be long.

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