Sunni is not an average sixteen year old. Throughout her whole life she's been tossed from foster home to foster home, but for some reason she always gets brought back to where she started. When she was 14 she ran. Now that she's sixteen she can't stop dreaming about when she was younger. Her life is terrible until she meets Niall. A sweet boy who is just a few months older than her.


3. Chapter Three

Liam P.O.V.

"Don't you dare bring that spoon anywhere near me!" I yell.

"Too bad mate, it's coming anyway's." Zayn say's jokingly.

"Hey guy's look who we happened to come across on the road." I hear Niall's voice from behind. I turn around to see a beautiful girl standing there, Well of course she's beautiful she looks just like me. Strange.....

'Liam meet Sunni....Payne." Louis whispers the last part. Payne? Sunni Payne? My sister. Maybe.

"When and where were you born?" I ask her.

"August 19, 1993 at New Cross hospital in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England." She says. She must really be my sister. My twin sister.

Sunni P.O.V.

"When and where were you born?" Liam asks.

"August 29, 1993 at New Cross hospital in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England." I say.

That boy..Liam. He keeps asking me questions. It's kinda freaky that I keep getting asked a bunch of questions by teenage boys I don't even know.  I feel a connection with him though. This guy must really be my twin.

"Mine too." He whispers. 


"Awkward!" A curly haired boy with emerald green eyes walks in. Liam look's from my frightened face to the boy's overly cheesy smile.

"That's Harry." Liam whisper's to me. I nod. 

"Who's that?"  Harry asks looking from me to everyone else.

"Sunni." Liam says.

"Well Sunni would you like to go out so-" Harry gets cut off.

"Nope, sorry man she's off limits." Liam says.

"Why is she your girlfriend or crush or something?" Harry says glaring into Liam's eyes.

"No mate. She's my sister." He says.

"Sister? You never told me you had a sister." Harry looks confused.

"I just did." He says. I smile knowing that I have somebody looking out for me.

"Well why can't I ask her on a date?" 

"Because I don't event think I can trust Niall with her just yet." I smile...they sure are amusing.

"Hey! What do I have to do with this!" Niall shouts.

"Nothing I'm just saying I don't really like the idea of any of you dating her." 

"Well it's not fair!" Harry says.

"It is fair for the first week or so. It would be bad if you knew my twin better than I did."

"Well where is she going to sleep?" Zayn asks.

"Let's see. The guest bedroom is filled with something called a Harry. So you could always sleep in my room." Louis says.

"Wouldn't you be staying with mom though?" Liam asks me.

"She's uh.." I say.

"She's what?"

"Dead." I finally sputter.


I nod.

"You can sleep in my room tonight." Liam says.



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