You Have Changed *!COMPLETED!*

*5 years ago*
(Jenna's POV)

"HARRY, STOP IT!!" I said as Harry was tickling me he did that often he did it when he wanted me to do something, In this case it was to makeup a rumor that he got sick and was in a coma, HELL NO WAS I DOING THAT! I didnt want to get in trouble for something that was not even true not even one bit!

"Not until you do what I say" Harry said

Cheeky Boy I thought

"FINE FINE JUST STOP! JUST STOP" I said half out of breath

"Haha that's what I like to hear" Harry said

"UGHH" I said, sometime Harry was so annoying, but that's what made him so special to me


3. Still the same

*Jenna's POV* 

I still could not believe what was happening, how Harry just popped up out of nowhere, but I was glad he did, because I missed him so much, I didn't wanna tell him who I was yet (his long-lost bestfriend) because That would have been so awkward..

"Wow, you are" Harry said

Oh no, don't tell me I'm blushing..

"Oh,um thanks hehe.." I said

and then I giggled, I hated it, it sounded squeaky and annoying, oh god he probably wants to leave now..

"Hey, your blushing.." He said with a smile

oh god, his smile, I missed it so much, he always did that and it made my heart melt..

"Oh, um sorry.."

*Harry's POV*

I looked at her and she was blushing, wow she was insanely gorgeaus

I decided to say something, but I should not have..

"Hey, your blushing.." I said and then I just smiled

"Oh, um sorry.." She looked at me and said..

And then my smile left, I felt like I hurt her.. Why would she say that? Why would she be sorry? Great now she is not talking to you..

I don't want to tell her who I am yet.. (her long lost best friend), or the fact that I am in a worldwide popular band called One Direction.. I don't want to scare her off.. Nope 

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