You Have Changed *!COMPLETED!*

*5 years ago*
(Jenna's POV)

"HARRY, STOP IT!!" I said as Harry was tickling me he did that often he did it when he wanted me to do something, In this case it was to makeup a rumor that he got sick and was in a coma, HELL NO WAS I DOING THAT! I didnt want to get in trouble for something that was not even true not even one bit!

"Not until you do what I say" Harry said

Cheeky Boy I thought

"FINE FINE JUST STOP! JUST STOP" I said half out of breath

"Haha that's what I like to hear" Harry said

"UGHH" I said, sometime Harry was so annoying, but that's what made him so special to me


16. Im sorry

4 days later

*Jenna's POV*

It had been 4 days since Harry talked to me, I missed his hugs, his kisses, cuddling. 

My phone rang with a message and then a call

"Um..Jen.." It was Harry

"H..Harry" I said

"Heyy, Im sorry about everything, I just didnt want to ruin anything...I had a surprise and they would ruin it if I said You were my girlfriend" He said

"Harry, please, just come over, Im so sorry, I miss you so much" I said sobbing

"Baby, please dont cry, Ill be their in 5" He said

I waited and he finally came through the window

"Hey, its ok, Im sorry babe, Come on lay down" He said

I was sobbing while he wrapped his masculine arms around me

"Lay down come on, you need rest"

"Hey, Your shirt is wet" I said laughing while crying (weirdo haha) 

"I'll just take it off" He took it off revealing his abs and v line, damn, it was deep.

"Can we..cuddle?" I said looking scared that he might reject

"Anything for you" He said 

I drew shapes with my finger on his chest..I knew he loved that

I didnt want to leave for my doctors appointment, It was 4 weeks of the baby.. I didnt know what to do..Keep it whie knowing Harry was not the father..or have an abortion and be a killer...


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