You Have Changed *!COMPLETED!*

*5 years ago*
(Jenna's POV)

"HARRY, STOP IT!!" I said as Harry was tickling me he did that often he did it when he wanted me to do something, In this case it was to makeup a rumor that he got sick and was in a coma, HELL NO WAS I DOING THAT! I didnt want to get in trouble for something that was not even true not even one bit!

"Not until you do what I say" Harry said

Cheeky Boy I thought

"FINE FINE JUST STOP! JUST STOP" I said half out of breath

"Haha that's what I like to hear" Harry said

"UGHH" I said, sometime Harry was so annoying, but that's what made him so special to me


17. Feelings

*Jenna's POV*

We were at the waiting room..

waiting to see if the baby was ok..what if it wasn't?? What if Harry would kill me if I said I wanted an would be exactly like killing a human being! 

I fu-


"Come on in, lets see you on the monitor

she put some cold gel on my stomach and Harry was holding my hand the entire time..He was the sweetest

then the doctor put the monitor on my stomach and started to move it around..

She had a worried look, I was about to cry, what was happening! Why wasnt I seeing my baby on the monitor

Harry started to squeeze my hand tighter..

"Um..It isnt showing up on the monitor" She said

' cant be..try again!!!!!! TRY AGAIN!" I said as Harry tried to calm me down

"Its okay babe, shh calm down, its ok, Im here baby" He said as I was sobbing into my hands..

The doctor then left..

Harry pulled me in a hugged me, I loved him so much for being their with me..I didn't want to think about anything else besides being in his arms. We packed up and went home.. When we arrived I bursted out in tears

"Awe baby, come here" He said and I walked towards harry who had his arms open

He and I layed down on the couch and He wiped away my tears with his thumb

"Hey Jen, I um need to ask you something"

"Yes Haz?" I said

He got up left and then came back he kneeled down and he asked me 4 words..

"Baby, I love you so much, Ive loved you ever since the day I became your best friend, their hasnt been a day where I havent thought of, will you marry me?" He said

"I, uhm, I cant baby, I love Aaron too much.." I said I could see the tears in his eyes

"Oh um..okay.." He said

"Of course I will marry you silly, I love you so much!" I said

I ran to his arms and he spun me around

"You scared me, babe" He whispered in my ear

"I love you baby" I said and I kissed him

"I love you too babe" He said

*3 Months later*

We got married, yes we did, I was 25 and Harry was 26 That was a great age, I had been waiting forever for this moment, it was finally here

"Hello Wife" Harry said kissing my forehead 

"Hello Husband" I said giggling

"So, its a new chapter in our lifes, And this little guy or girl is a part of it" He said kissing my stomach 

Yep, I was pregnant, Harry wanted her name to be Darcy or if its a guy to be Alex

"I'm ready baby, I love you so much thank you for everything"  I said and let out a tear

"Hey, it wouldnt have happened if we didnt go through the hard times, and I love you too babe" He said


*********\!.!|*>}!.€\*]%}>]#{>}*|£.'sndnxmdjjAuthors Note $262$:'samxmkddnend

Thank you guys for supporting me throughout this movella, it was my first so it isnt grwat but ai loved reading it, writing it. I hope new readers love it too! i will have a sequel out in october , it will be. Bit short though. But its okay because this was an amazing journey, bye guys, love you ****Hint Hint**** 

im writing a new movella but since school sucks and homework and whatever I wont post it until October either so Im really sorry, but yeah, look out for that, bye guys and make sure to like and favorite :))<<<<<<<<3333333333

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