You Have Changed *!COMPLETED!*

*5 years ago*
(Jenna's POV)

"HARRY, STOP IT!!" I said as Harry was tickling me he did that often he did it when he wanted me to do something, In this case it was to makeup a rumor that he got sick and was in a coma, HELL NO WAS I DOING THAT! I didnt want to get in trouble for something that was not even true not even one bit!

"Not until you do what I say" Harry said

Cheeky Boy I thought

"FINE FINE JUST STOP! JUST STOP" I said half out of breath

"Haha that's what I like to hear" Harry said

"UGHH" I said, sometime Harry was so annoying, but that's what made him so special to me


13. Fate

*Jenna's POV*

So, this was really weird, seeing him again..

He used to be my first bestfriend, my everything, and with one mistake he threw all of that away

I was shocked to know he was still with Kara but, whatever, its his life, and I'm clearly not in it

Im very happy with Aaron , he was there for me when nobody else was..

After we talked fir a while he left.. 

And then I went home to sleep for a bit

So then the next day I woke up to a call from Harry

"Heyyy babe, I was wondering would you like to have dinner with me and Kara tonight" 

"Uhm, Harry, no I wouldnt its the day me and Aaron get engaged..?" I said

From the silence I knew he forgot..

" Ohh um, so m I not invited??" He said 

"Uhmm, you havent been in my life for the past 4 years and then when you did come, you ruined everything we stood for, and I cant trust you again, Im so sorry Harry..Please just stop with all this nonsense, me and you are D-O-N-E so stop trying to fix things, and go be happy with Kara because clearly you were NEVER happy with me" I said almost sobbing

"Please, I will get out but dont cry, Oh my god im a f**king idiot, its all my faul-" he said and then he hung up.. Just like that, gone again..for the 2nd time...

*Harry's POV* 

Im such an idiot, I hurt her so bad and I just thought she was over it because she was with Aaron, but Im never happy with Kara, we barely see each other and when we do (one every 3 months) she goes straight to my creditcard and buys clothes with it.. How could I not have noticed... me the little prick, I went to the bathroom and cut myself 8 times, my lucky number and just like that.. I fell, in my own pool of blood..

*Jenna's POV* 

I saw an odd number calling me and I realized it was a doctor..

"uh hello.." I said

"Hello, Is this Jenna?" He said

"uh yes, who is this please?" I said..

"Well um, I just.. he just, Harry Styles is in coma and he might not... Live.." He said

He..he what, he ... How... Its because of me....I screamed at him.. Me the freaking idiot...Ive killed him..Ive killed Harry Styles..

I hung up and then just ran to the hospital, then I ran into all the rooms trying to find harry.. When I did his arm was wrapped up.. He..he cut himself...he...bu...wh...

"Oh no, no no, no please please you have to wake up, you need to, everything is my fault please, baby, dont leave me..please don-" 

"Miss!!! Misss, you are NOT allowed in here..yo-" The nurse said

" I killed him.. i..i- kill-" I said as I cried into Harry's chest

And just like that, I was almost %99.99 sure he was gone, just like that, 3 minutes on the phone was all that it took..

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