Avada kedavra my heart

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  • Published: 20 Aug 2013
  • Updated: 29 Sep 2013
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(COMPLETED) Isis has always been a good girl but when she finds out she is adopted and the last remaining descendant of griffindor she is mad that she was lied to. But when she meets the weasleys and falls in love but when the love of her life cheats on her she may do anything to get revenge

**this is my first novella so can you read and give me feedback in the comments? Thanks**

Also if you would like me to kik you when I update just kik me at potterhead4eves thnx muffins!


9. Platform 9 3/4



i held hands with Isis the whole way to the station. As we were pulling into the station George whispered something unintelligible into her ear that made her lean over and kiss me for 2 minutes straight! We got out of the car and walked into the train station with our luggage. We took turns running through the barriers and helped each other onto the train the train started to move and we were on our way to hogwarts. We searched for an empty compartment and found one at the very end of the train. Me Isis and George sat down and started talking about random stuff. I looked around and saw that the seats were red velvet and the windows opened. I opened it and stuck my head out.




me and George were talking when Fred opened the window and stuck his head out. We were laughing at him until we heard a choking noise and he fell backwards choking! I took a CPR class once so I run over and give him CPR. He is still sore so I tell him not to talk. When he tries to talk anyway I kiss him so he will shut up. Then a lady asks us if we want anything from the trolley. Fred and George don't have any money so I dig out my purse and buy some of everything. We sit around eating and talking until I see a rat! 

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