Avada kedavra my heart

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  • Published: 20 Aug 2013
  • Updated: 29 Sep 2013
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(COMPLETED) Isis has always been a good girl but when she finds out she is adopted and the last remaining descendant of griffindor she is mad that she was lied to. But when she meets the weasleys and falls in love but when the love of her life cheats on her she may do anything to get revenge

**this is my first novella so can you read and give me feedback in the comments? Thanks**

Also if you would like me to kik you when I update just kik me at potterhead4eves thnx muffins!


11. Hogwarts



me and Fred rush to the window. We are kinda disappointed. All we can see is the tops of the towers because of all the trees. When we get off the trainee see bill Charlie and Percy headed for the chariots. We go to follow them but are stopped by a huge man who says his name is Hagrid. He leads all the first years to boats. They are wooden and only fit 3 people. They were missing a boat though. So they were two seats short. Me and Fred decided to swim for it! Before anyone could stop us we were racing across the lake. We reached the other end soaking wet but happy. We had to to wait 3 minutes before the boats showed up. Then a younger happier woman came out and introduced herself as professer mcgonagall. When she saw me and Fred she sighed and raised her wand and made us warm and dry! She brought us inside to a small chamber and told us to wait to be sorted. There were about 40 kids there so it was getting pretty crowded. I was against the wall and Fred was pushed up on me, we couldn't move. Proff. Mcgonagal came back and said it was time to be sorted and to follow her. Fred said "griffindor" and followed the line. 

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