Gates to Heaven

Liberty Olsen was a very joyful, bubbly little girl she used to love going outside with her friends and play anything that came to mind. Shes the girl who loves to laugh a lot, her parents and brother love her dearly but years and years passed liberty became a 16 year old teenager from that point everything went downhill her parents divorced, her brother became famous,her mom's boyfriend abuses her, and worse she gets bullied at school. And what leads to being bullied? Is beginning to cut and what happens after you cut? Is having suicidal thoughts. Can one specific boy save her? If he can he will be her hero and open the gates to heaven


2. Why are Goodbyes never good

I finished packing my last suitcase of clothes.i looked through my window, memories started flooding back into my head. Me and my bestfriend rocky laying under the big tree that stood outside of my house, of us planing our future together going to college and having the best time of our life's.... But everything will change i have to leave my hometown where i was born,where i met my bestfriend, where i had my first crush and heartbreak. Everything will be gone except for the memories that will be brought to my head from time to time. I felt tear drops roll down my rosey cheeks, i really hated crying it showed how weak i am but i mean its better to let it out then keeping the pain inside.
There was a knock on my door it was either my mom or brother, i know it will never be my dad knocking on my door again. I quickly wiped my tears away with the sleeve of my long sleeve shirt, i open the door slowly stepping in my mother. She saw the look on my face she always knew when i cried or never felt well. "Oh come here liberty" she said with her arms wide open, i went up to her and gave her my hug my mom's hugs were always comforting and warm since i was little i always felt save and free from harm with my mom's hugs. She lifted up my Chin with her index finger "i know things are giving you rough time with the divorce, leaving rocky behind,& of me moving on but i promise things will get better,Richard  has a big nice house where we will live happily me, you,zayn, and Richard. I know that California is really far away from Bradford but you'll love it there i promise" tears were spilling  out of my eyes like a river i tried hard to hold them "b-but mom all my memories are here in Bradford including my bestfriend" my mom wiped of my tears with her thumb "honey look i been thinking you know how zayn is going on tour right?" I nodded my head slowly not knowing where shes getting "well me and zayn been discussing if you don't like living in California with me and Richard i decide i will let you go on tour with zayn and when his band reach Bradford you can stay with your father. Does that sound ok?" My heart felt like they were in pieces but after my mom said that it felt like my heart was glued back together instead of a frown on my face there was a bright smile "oh thank you thank you thank you thank you" i hugged my mom while jumping up and down. She laughed "ok liberty you better finish packing if you want to visit rocky before we leave" i smiled and nodded in agreement as she left i grabbed everything and stuffed it in the suitcase. I can't believe there is a chance that will be back in Bradford. As i finished packing up i gave my last box to zayn "so mom told you of our plan?" He asked while holding my suit case 
" yeah she did I'm supper happy" i grabbed my cheeks making them stop smiling. " hahaha ok just making sure" i followed zayn to the truck, my mom was already in the drivers seat ready to drive i got in the back seat and zayn sat on the passengers seat "are we ready?" My mom asked "yup" me and zayn replied. I looked at my house for the last time through the car window I'm going to miss it so bad, as we drove off i still looked behind at our house until you couldn't see anything no more. It took us a couple of minutes to get to rocky's house her mom and my mom are close friends and well rocky's big sister was zayn's girlfriend of course everyone wanted to go to rocky's house and say goodbye. As my mom rang the doorbell rocky's mom opened "come in" rocky's mom always had a smile i won't blame her, she had a wonderful marriage, a beautiful family and house. " may i go be with rocky?" I asked i never forget my manners " sure sweety shes upstairs in her room" i smiled and ran up the stairs. I could hear zayn try the same thing as me to try and be with perrie  rocky's big sister but instead he got the opposite answer he was told to wait until she came down apparently non of the moms trust a boy and a girl being alone. I giggled and continued going up to rocky's room, i knocked on the door "who is it?" A feminine voice spoke i walked in "SURPRISE !!" I yelled "liberty!!! I thought you left already i was devastated without you" she ran up to me and gave me a tight hug, rocky's hugs are the best their tight but not to tight and warm. "I know without you around me i will be devastated too" i smiled.
Me and rocky decide to watch a movie together for a little while "liberty we have to go" zayn said by the door entrance "ok coming" i replied as zayn left i looked at rocky her eyes were watering. I felt my throat burn indicating that i was about to cry too "hey lets take a last picture together you know for memories" i tried to smile but fail. She smiled as a respond first we took a normal picture on her phone then on my phone we took a silly picture "come on liberty we have to get going!!!" My mom yelled from downstairs i gave a small smile to rocky and headed downstairs rocky following me as we walked outside my mom was already inside the truck talking to rocky's mom through the window and well zayn was kissing perrie by her front porch "ewwww" i was laughing my butt off as rocky saw what i was talking about she made a disgust  face and laughed at zayn and perrie "ok kids lets let them go on the road" rocky's mom said as zayn headed inside the truck i was the only one still outside i turned to face rocky tears were spilling from me and her i gave her my best hug "I'm going to miss you really bad" tears spilling out of my eyes "promise me you will get on facebook to inbox and please don't forget about me" rocky said while wiping her tears off "i will i promise" i said and got inside the car and drove off i turned around to wave goodbye at rocky why are goodbyes never good. 

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