hope is in a orphanage but she never got adopted. but when 5 guys adopt her she thinks something bad is going to happen.


5. night mare


Hope's p.o.v.

I shut my door and changed into to my pajamas.  I got into my bed and went to sleep. ( hope's night mare ) I was being chased by him no no no ! as I shouted I kept on running as fast as I could but he  got me , I thought it was over.

Naill's p.o.v

As hope went to bed me and the boys went to bed. night  Louis , harry , laim and zany I  said. night they all said back , so when I went to bed I heard hope scream so I ran to her  room.

Hope's p.o.v.

 Naill  waked me up and I was crying, whats wrong hope he asked. I had a n . .  night mare I said. what was it about he asked.  I was being chased by him and when you woke me up he was about to kill me  I said. Who is he nail asked. I said it was my dad he wants to find me again and kill me. Hope I want you to tell me what happened in your past ok if that's alright nail asked. ok here I go  I was only 9 when my dad burst through the door drunk, my mom died after ward because he killed her , he said the reason my mom died is that she said I was a mistake to be born and that she wanted to die cause of me, but I knew my mom and she loved me so much, my dad was jealous because my mom  loved me more than anything in the world , she said I was her  jewel or her diamond in the sky, I was mom's life and I ment everything to my mom's heart. I was crying again. I'm so sorry hope nail said. And now my dad is out to get me I said. No he will not lay one hand on you hope you are my child and I will do anything to protect you nail said.

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