My name is Lynn Green. I was on a foreign-exchange student program from England to America, and I lived there for a year or two, but England would always be my home, so I moved back. This is how I met 5 of the best guys in the world. It all started at my interview for my new job...


6. Chapter 6

Eggs on the sides of the house, toilet paper covering the roof, broken windows, and fans outside the house screaming words of hatred. I took a picture and sent it to Louis. 'nothing changed', he responded with:'they are terrible to do that to Danielle's house. I went inside with nobody seeing me while Danielle went to get stuff to repair the house. I ran into the kitchen and grabbed a knife and bleach. I first bleached my almost black hair to platinum blonde and hid in the bathtub. I was crying for hours and and the blood dripped off my wrists. I couldn't take it anymore. That was the last hope. Danielle came back and found me. She screamed in horror and I heard footsteps behind. What I didn't know was that she got Louis and Liam to help with cleanup. Louis saw me and gasped. He ran up to me and grabbed my wrists. By the time he let go, his hands were covered in blood. Liam handed him a couple of towels. 
"Lynn, what were you thinking?! Cutting yourself doesn't help anyone!"

"I had to! Getting hate is the worst thing ever! I had thought of doing this since the first tweet I read! After they did this to the house, I had to do something!"

"I gave you my number so that this would never happen!" He stormed out and started to punch the walls. I saw him sit in the hallways and cry. He had never cried in front of me. I asked Liam if he could get me more towels. I cleaned my wrists off and tried to get up, but I fell back down. I must have lost a lot of blood because I was so weak. Liam helped me out and lead me to the bed. I had passed out right then and there. Danielle and Liam brought me down the stairs and into the car. Louis ran to catch up to them. They drove so fast. The emergency room doors swung open with me in Louis's arms. "How may I help? What happened?"

"This is Lynn, she was cutting herself and lost a lot of blood."

"I'll get a room for her right away." I woke up and saw his face. It lit up with the sight of me alive. "Louis? Where am I?"

"You're in the emergency room. You lost a lot of blood."

"Really?" After I said that, I passed out again. The nurse came back and guided us to a room. I had needles put in my arms and moniters beeping everywhere. Danielle and Liam were so scared. Louis was a nervous wreck. He sat next to my bed, holding my hand. Danielle and Liam had to go and fix the house, so they left. I woke up moments after they left. "Louis?"

"Lynn! You're okay! Oh my god, I was so worried."

"You were?"

"Of course. I love you, and I don't want anything to happen to you."

"You said you loved me."

"Well I do. Why didn't you call me?"

"I was afraid to."

"Well, smile for the camera!" He snapped a picture of us and set it as his background. "Louis, can I tell you something?"


"I love you."

"I love you too, Lynn." We took another picture of us kissing and put it on twitter. His tweet said: 'the love of my life. if you notice the background, it is a hospital. we are here because of all of you "fans". @lynnhasstyle bleached her hair and started cutting herself because of your tweets and destruction of her house. i love Lynn, and if you don't like it, then oh well. i love her, and that is that.' I was so happy for him. I was released a few days later, but I was still dizzy. I got home and laid in my bed for a couple hours. I fell asleep, but woke up because I heard a banging at the door. I managed to get to the door, and it was Louis. It must've been 3 a.m., and he was in the house. "Louis, what are you doing here?"

"I asked the show if you could move into the house so that you could be safe. They said yes, anything to keep you safe."


"I don't want you to hurt yourself."

"I know, but why tell me now?"

"I made a room for you and I just finished it. If you want to move in tomorrow, I will help."

"What am I going to tell Dani?"

"The truth. She told me that she wants you to be safe too. So, will you?"

"Yeah, let's get packing." It took about 2 hours, but we got everything packed and into his car. Everyone in the house was asleep, so no one saw me. I saw my room, and Louis did an amazing job with it. It had a piano for practicing, but when I looked around, the room looked familiar. "Louis, what room did you renovate?"

"The lounge room."


"That was the only room, other than the eliminated contestant's room."

"Okay." I hopped into bed and fell asleep until about 10 a.m. I woke up because Louis was sitting on the end singing out loud. "Louis, that was beautiful. What song was that?"

"I'll Be by Edwin McCain. I love that song."

"Well, wow. I loved it. It's one of my favorites too."

"Let's get some breakfast and get around. You need to walk a little." The first thing I did was try to support myself enough for me to get up, but it didn't work. I looked at my wrists and saw gauze taped to my wrists. He helped me up and we left. Everyone was in the kitchen. When we walked in their faces went blank.

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