My name is Lynn Green. I was on a foreign-exchange student program from England to America, and I lived there for a year or two, but England would always be my home, so I moved back. This is how I met 5 of the best guys in the world. It all started at my interview for my new job...


2. Chapter 2

His name was Louis. He was so sweet. He was to the last of the boys to work with me, maybe because he was the oldest. 

"Hi, I'm Louis. I'm guessing you are the new vocal coach. You look a little young to be doing this."

"Hi, I'm Lynn, and I am. I was a vocal coach over in the states for a year or two, but I had to come back home. I am pretty young, aren't I? I have never seen an 18-year-old vocal coach here."

"You are only 18?! I thought you were at least 21!"

"I get that a lot. Now to your lesson. You are singing Viva La Vida by Coldplay..." The session went great and he learned a lot, I think. The hour went by fast. After him, I was done for the day.

"Wait, Lynn. I wanted to ask you something. I wanted to know if you wanted to go out on a date with me."

"Wow Louis, but I can't date the contestants. I'm sorry."

"We could date secretly."

"Okay, I will go out with you, but only because you talked me into it."

"Okay, pick you up at 7 tomorrow night?"

"How about 10 minutes after all my sessions end. You are my last, so that will make it easier. We can't let any of the others know, especially my boss. He would fire me, and this is the only job I have ever liked."

"Okay, tomorrow after we finish our session."

"It's a date." He left and I was in shock. I told myself that I wouldn't date any of the contestants, and I can't believe that I lied to him. I hate myself. I left and I met up with Danielle outside to go home. The whole time I told her what happened, and she looked blank.

"Dani, what's wrong? You seem out of sorts."

"Lynn, I found someone. He is a contestant, and I told myself that I wouldn't date one. His name is Liam."

"Dani, is it Liam Payne? Wow, he is so cute!"

"I know, but he asked me out and I lied to him saying that my boss would kill me if she found out, but he talked me into it. We are going out tomorrow night after his session with you."

"Wow, that's ironic, because Louis asked me to go out tomorrow night after his session, and I told him that my boss would kill me if I went out with him, but we will date secretly."

"I just realized that these boys are the only boys that will do whatever it takes to be with us." We got home and decided that we were actually going to be loved by other people. I couldn't sleep, but I got up anyway. I woke Danielle up and we got dressed in sweats, but brought bags with our date clothes in it. 

The day seemed to drag on forever. I finally finished with Liam and Louis was next. I got excited. He walked in and gave me a hug. We didn't really sing. We just joked around and talked. I got changed into this( He drove me there and I was laughing the whole time. It was fun until we saw who was at the bowling alley.

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