My name is Lynn Green. I was on a foreign-exchange student program from England to America, and I lived there for a year or two, but England would always be my home, so I moved back. This is how I met 5 of the best guys in the world. It all started at my interview for my new job...


11. Chapter 11

"Phoebe's gone," Louis screamed. I was still asleep, but his yelling woke me up. He ran down the hall and grabbed me. I was dragged down the hall to the room that the girls were sleeping in. I saw all of them in a bed, but Phoebe's was empty. "Where could she have gone? There is no way she could have left." Louis sat on the floor and started to cry. He was really close with his sisters, so it was pretty hard. "Lou, I'll text Danielle to see if she has seen her." 

"Thank you! I love you! Come with me!" He dragged me throughout the whole house and she was nowhere to be found. She was young, and that was the scary part. Danielle replied with a 'yes she is here idk but she is'. "Louis! She's at Dani's house! Come on!" I dragged him out the door and drove as fast as I possibly could to Danielle's house. We ran inside to find Phoebe sitting in Danielle's arms. Louis sprinted over and comforted her. "Phoebe, are you okay? What happened? Why did you leave?"

"I'm fine."

"Phoebes, you're not fine. I can see it in your face."

"Fine, I'm not fine. I left 'cause I got scared. Since I heard that Lynn cut herself, I was afraid that I would find a knife or razor." As soon as I heard that, I felt so terrible. "Phoebe, I didn't cut myself in the house. I stopped because your brother showed me what I would be missing if I kept doing it."

"Are you sure?"

"I'm sure. It's completely safe to go back." She jumped on Louis's back and the two went out to the car. "Dani, thank you so much. Louis almost had a heart attack."

"No problem. I wasn't sure who she was, but I let her in anyway. She explained why she was here and I let her stay."

"Well, thanks again. See you later!" I left and drove back to the house. I offered to make dinner, but Louis begged me not to. "We went through a lot today, why should we cook? Let's order some Nando's and eat in."

"That sounds great. Do you have the number?"

"I know someone who does. NIALL!!!!!!!! WE'RE GETTING NANDO'S. DO YOU HAVE-"

"I heard Nando's. Do you need the number?"

"Yeah, can you call it in?"

"Of course. Hey, I'd like to place an order."

"Girls, what would you like?"

"We'll all have some chicken."

"Okay, I'll have 4, no make that 5 orders of chicken and 2 orders of pasta. Please send to the X Factor house. Thanks." If felt like hours before it came. We weren't sure who was going to pay. "Lynn, I'll pay. I suggested we get it, so I'll pay. Plus, you don't have that much money."

"Thanks. Niall, come eat with us."

"Okay." We hung out and ate for a while until I realized that the show was tonight! I rushed Niall and Louis away to go to the show. I took the girls and we sat on the couch and watched. It slipped my mind that I didn't pick a song for them. I guess they worked with the other one. They came on the screen and the four girls exploded with cheers. I sat with a smile thinking of what song they might sing. It was Beatles Week and I was a huge Beatles fan, and Louis knew that. The tune to 'All You Need is Love' started and I sang along. The song ended and everyone clapped like crazy. 

"Now, that was awesome! Did anyone of you have an emotional connection to it?" The host looked directly at Louis.

"Yeah. My girlfriend Lynn loves the Beatles, and everyday I would hear her sing this song." He winks at the camera, having it be for me. I couldn't help but blush. I looked to my side to see Pheobe sleeping on my shoulder. I picked her up and brought her to her room. I ran out to see the rest of the show. The girls were all in bed. An hour passed and everyone got back. Louis ran up to me and kissed me. "Lynn, thanks for watching the girls. Are they all asleep?"

"Yeah. Pheobe fell asleep right after you guys performed."

"Well, I hope you had a nice night. I'm spent. How about you?"

"Not really. The other girls were cheering everyone on so it was pretty loud."

"I'm off to bed. I love you so much."

"I love you too. Next week I'll help you guys with the song, I promise."

"Alright, good night love." He ran off to his room and fell asleep. I couldn't fall asleep, so I sat on my laptop and checked out songs for the next few weeks. I had the urge to check my twitter. I was suprised to see no hate. Every tweet to me had Beatles lyrics and 'Stay Strong' in it.

I woke up the next morning to the sound of screaming fans outside.

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