Reegan and Jennifer - Romeo and Juliet Transformation

This is an English Assignment I had to do for class. We had to choose an act from the Shakespeare play and 'modernise' it. This scene is the party scene, where Romeo first lays his eyes on Juliet, however, it's set in Sydney, and the feuding sides are The Bandido's Bikie Gang and the Comanchero's Motorcycle Club.

Juliet- Jennifer
Lord Capulet- Tim Comanchero
Lady Capulet- Lisa Comanchero


1. The story

Two bikie gangs, both fiercely rivalled, both locked in a 5 year battle, with 20+ lives lost. The Bandido’s Bikie Gang and the Comanchero’s Motorcycle Club. This story begins at the Bandido’s Parramatta hiding place, with a laptop open to a party advertised on Facebook.

Reegan and Brian are sitting on a couch in a room in an abandoned factory building. The pair are scrolling through stupid statuses by Reegan’s friends when a little red number 1 appears next to his notifications button, showing that there will be a party for Lisa Comanchero, the wife of Tim, the boss of the Comanchero’s.
“Hey  mate, feel like going to a little fancy-dress gathering? We’ll get in no problem, I reckon!!” Reegan suggests.
“I guess we could. Oi, why don’t we see if Michael wants to come too? He’s couped up in his room, always cleaning his stupid little gun. As is he’s ever gunna use it!”
“Yeah sure. I’ll text ‘im.”   The pals spend the whole afternoon getting ready for the party, preparing for some fun.

That night, after a few drinks, the fellas get in a taxi, driving through Sydney, until they reach the Comanchero’s Bondi hide-out. The guys breeze through the greetings, by none other than Tim Comanchero himself, and are quick to mingle with a few lovely-looking ladies. During the drunken Karaoke session Tyrone, a young nephew to Tim and Lisa, spots Reegan, Brian and Michael. He furiously pulls his tattooed uncle aside to break the news to him.
“Hey Tim, see that bloke over there? The one dressed like Elvis? That’s Reegan. He’s the son of Paul Bandido! I don’t think we invited him.”
“Relax, my boy! He’s not causing any trouble. You’ll just have to pretend he’s not here!” Tyrone storms off, but follows his uncle’s instructions.

Reegan scans the crowd for that girl who could possibly be the one, Mr Perfect’s missus. His eyes fall on the beautiful Jennifer, dancing and having a good time. He’s lost for the words to explain how he feels, but he manages to figure it out.
“Oh, she makes my shining Harley look lifeless. She sounds as luxurious as my exhaust! Man, I’ve gotta get her number!”

Jennifer notices Reegan staring at her and goes over to him, who tries a few lines on her.
“If I were a catholic, let my biggest sin be to kiss you.”
“Kiss me? No, because your hands touch will be enough. Your hands would touch the saintly priest, don’t they? Therefore, the touch of your hand will be enough.”
“It won’t be. Let me prove it!” He touches her hand to her face, slowly caressing it. “See? Not nearly enough!”
She smiles, bites her lip and kisses him.

Jennifer’s best friend, Nattie, calls her, causing the couple break off their passionate kiss.
“Jen, your mum’s looking for you.  She said she needs you.” Jennifer has no choice but to leave, her new-found lover and Nattie both standing around the refreshment table.
“Sooo… who exactly is her mother?” Reegan asks Nattie.
“Umm… Lisa Comanchero, the wife of my boss. Why?”
Reegan face palms. “Crap! My one true love is my mortal enemy! Oh why?” He searches for his companions and they leave.

As they’re leaving, Jennifer asks Nattie who her love is and she finds out that he’s from the Bandido’s.
“What?! He can’t be! Oh, this will be the death of me!”

Late that night, Jennifer is sitting on the front steps of her home, thinking about her love, Reegan.
“Oh Reegan, why are you with those people? Why are you a Bandido? Forget them, come be with me!” She is completely oblivious to Reegan, who is standing beside her.
“Oh, Jennifer, I wish I could, but it’s not that easy. They’re my family. I can’t just walk away from them! Let’s just go out tonight and have a good time,’’ he tells her, and she jumps.
“No! If you want me in that way, you’ve gotta start dating me! Let’s meet up, say tomorrow night? Then, we can get together in that way.”
“Okay, send Nattie and have her tell me where. Good night, my love, I’ll see you tomorrow! ”He leaves.

They fall in love, but are forced to keep their love a secret. Only Nattie knows. They can only meet up in the dead of night, so that they can be together without getting caught.

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