Island Of Love.

Sierra gets stranded on an island in the middle of the pacific ocean after she goes overboard from a cruise ship. She thought she was the only one until she finds a boy, Harry Styles laying in the sand. Will this turn out to be Sierra's first true relationship?


5. The Lion

 "Babe stand back!" Harry called as he ran up towards the fire. "Big cats don't like fire. He'll stay away and eventually go away. As long as we keep the fire going."

I cowered back in the corner in fright. How was he so sure? "Harry!!!" I screamed as he lit a thick log on fire and waved it near the mountain lions face.

 "Sierra stand back! This is dangerous.Please, I don't want you hurt." He said with sudden pain in his voice.

 "Well, I don't want you hurt either Harry!! I just figured out that I love you. please, it will go away." It makes my feel all tingly inside when I say I love him.

 "I love you too Cutie." He said and my heart skipped a beat.

 Finally, the lion stalked off into the trees again. I sighed with relief. I hadn't noticed the tears streaming down my face until he came over and wiped them from my cheeks. "I--I was so scared Harry."

 "Shh,shh, it's ok now Cutie. I won't let anything hurt you." He whispered in my ear as he softly stroked my hair. "There's no need to worry Sierra. We're going to be okay now." Harry held me in his arms until I fell asleep.



Harry's POV

 Looking down at her I realized just how worn out shes been lately. Tomorrow we are both taking the day off. Except to get water that is. And coconuts. Sierra was beautiful. Brilliant blue eyes, shockingly black hair, and porcelain skin. She was the image of a perfect girl. Yet inside, I could see it in her eyes, she was struggling to win a hopeless fight.

 I decided when-- and if, we got rescued from this island, I will ask her parents for her hand. I know, it seems VERY old fashioned, but I want to do this right.

 I carefully leaned back and laid her head on my chest.



 Groggy and tired a loud chopping sound woke me. "Sierra!!! Wake up!!! A helicopter!!" I yelled and ran out and waved my arms above my head.

 A guy yelled down through a megaphone, "Are you alone? Are you injured in anyway?"

 "I have Sierra Black with me!! And she has a sand shark bite on her leg!!! I am OK." I was so excited. Sierra ran out and hugged me.

 "I love you, Harry Styles!!!" She cried. Tears streaming down her face she hollered up, " Well, are you going to get us or what?"




Sierras POV

 As soon as we clamored into the helicopter, they immediately had medics looking at my leg. I held, well, more like squeezed, Harry's had as I bombarded them with questions.

 "Is my mother ok?"

 "Yes, she will be very happy to know you are well."

 "What about Harry's parents?"

 "They will also be relieved that he is OK."

 My leg had been doing pretty good they said, and told me I had done the right thing by pouring boiled water over the bite. It was only a minor bite.

 Our rescuers called our parents as soon as we got back on land. Thats when it hit me. Harry and I were going separate ways. I believe he already knew this because he pulled me into a bear hug right as our parents walked in.

 I was overwhelmed with hugs and kisses and people asking if I was OK.

 "Where does this leave us Harry?" I asked, tears pooling in my eyes.

 He sighed and looked away, crying. "I have no clue Cutie, but I can promise you I WILL keep in touch." He slipped a scrap of paper into my hand. "These are my didgets. Call me as soon as you get back home. Please, promise me you will?"

 "You know I will." I whispered when the tears finally spilled over onto my cheeks. And then, right in front of our parents, he kissed me. Not a little peck, but actually kissed me. Harry reluctantly pulled away and hugged me one last time.

 "I love you Sierra Black."

 "And I love you Harry Styles."
Looking back I saw him cry openly. It killed me. Turning all the way around I yelled, "Will you visit?!"

 "Nothing will stop me." He cried back.


Harry's POV


 It absolutely shattered my heart to see her walk away with her fathers arm around her shoulders and her mother worrying about her.

 "Harry, who is she?" My mom asked, laying a gentle hand on my shoulder.

 "My one and only," I said and turned towards the car.

 Why did I ever have to leave her and the island behind?

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