Island Of Love.

Sierra gets stranded on an island in the middle of the pacific ocean after she goes overboard from a cruise ship. She thought she was the only one until she finds a boy, Harry Styles laying in the sand. Will this turn out to be Sierra's first true relationship?


6. Home Sweet Home?

Sierras POV


 "Yes, mom, I am fine! The paramedics said my leg was OK." I grumbled when we got home. I was sitting on the couch with my feet propped up on the table. My mom was fumbling over me. I missed Harry.


Harry's POV


 "I'm going up to my room." I said after we had eaten dinner.

 "Please be careful," my mother said.

 "What? Going up the steps?" I said and briskly walked away. Running up the stairs, I sat on my bed and stared at my land line for about thirty minutes when it finally rang.

 It was Sierra.


Sierras POV


 "Hello?" Harry's deep, breathless voice answered. "Sierra?"

 "Harry.." I trailed off. I couldn't believe it. "I miss you."

 "I miss you too Cutie.  My parents are being so over-protective right now." I still was in shock at the sound of his cute British accent.

 "Same here. So Harry?" I asked.

 "Yes Cutie?" He replied.

 "Where do you live? I need to know how far away you are." I said anxiously.

 "I live on Packer Street."

 "Oh my god.."

 "What?" He asked suddenly nervous.

 "So do I.. House number 34." I said breathless.

 "Number 38.. Wow. Is it too late for me to come over?"

 "No it's only seven."

 "I'll be there in five." He said then hung up.

Running downstairs, I yelled "Mom, Dad, Harry's coming over!!!"

 "But sweetie, you spent a month on an island with him."Mom said.

 "I don't care, I love him."

 The doorbell rang after three minutes.


Harry's POV


 I never knew this is where she lived. How did I not know she went to my school? Lived on my street? I slowly reached up and pressed the doorbell. The door swung open and Sierra jumped into my arms. I wrapped them around her and buried my face in her shoulder. Breathing in her smell I knew this wasn't a dream. It was really her.


Sierras POV


He still smelled of the ocean breeze, but now with a little bit of axe. I loved it. "Harry, you came."

 "Of course." He smiled and sat me back on the ground. "I rested my hand on his arm. Yup, he was still there.  I steered him into the living room.

 "Mom, Dad, This is Harry Styles."


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