Island Of Love.

Sierra gets stranded on an island in the middle of the pacific ocean after she goes overboard from a cruise ship. She thought she was the only one until she finds a boy, Harry Styles laying in the sand. Will this turn out to be Sierra's first true relationship?


2. Day 2

 Harry's POV

 I layed on the beach and shielded my eyes from the sun.I heard a voice say, "Having fun burning?" Looking over I saw Sierra  standing over me. She had her long hair over her shoulders, hanging in long damp waves. Her amber eyes were twinkling. "Well, I don't think they sell sunscreen here." I teased.

 She actually laughed. I was beginning to think she hated me. I always am wrong about those kind of things. "That's true." She smiled. God, I loved her smile. It was kind of crooked but still beautiful. She held out her hand and pulled me up slowly. 

 "Harry." She said, simply stating my name.

"What?" I replied. Dusting my shorts off.

 "How did you go overboard? And be serious, not flirty." 

 I sighed," I was trying to impress a girl so I sat on the edge and leaned back. I think I fell at about the same time you did." Sierra looked down, her brown hair covering her face.

 "Oh." She whispered. 

 "Sierra," I said gently grabbing her arm. 

 "No, it's ok Harry. Why would I care?"

Sierra's POV

 I was really upset, but I didn't know why. I mean, I just met this guy yesterday. Why should I care? I decided to stay away from his if possible. I would only talk to him if he spoke to me. Harry Styles was a pain. A complete and total pain. "Sierra," He said desperately.

 "Harry, I told you there isn't anything wrong!" I yelled and walked towards the shelter. Sitting in the shade I saw him start to come over then shake his head. He went back to trying to build a silly surfboard. He had lost his shirt,. His explanation was it was hot and he took it off somewhere. Ugh, guys these days.

 I laid down and put my head in the sand. Harry was completely gorgeous, but I absolutely hated him. He was a jerk and a show off. What did I ever do to deserve to be stranded on an island with him? Last night he was telling me how he has four best friends back in London. I think he said their names were: Niall, Zayn, Liam, and Louis. Odd names if you ask me. Harry came over and plopped down next to me.

 I quickly got up, "I'm going swimming." Good thing I wore my bikini under my clothes on the ship. Walking out towards the water I pulled off my shirt and slipped out of my jean shorts. I could feel his eyes on me but I didn't turn around. I walked out until the water was almost to my chest, then I started swimming. After a few minutes, I cried out in pain. Running into the water Harry swam back to shore with me in his arms. Setting me down in the sand he asked me what happened.

 I pointed to my leg, which was bleeding slightly. "Sand shark," He mumbled. I tried to hold back tears, wanting to seem tougher than this, but I felt them sliding down my face. He went and grabbed his supposedly 'lost' shirt, and wrapped it around my calf tightly. Looking up at my face he wiped away my tears. "I'll go into the trees and see if there is any fresh water. We need to drink anyway."

 Watching him disappear, I layed back and full on cried. He wasn't here to try to comfort me. I hoped he could find some fresh water. I doubt he would. 

 About an hour later, Harry came back, covered in dirt. "No water." He choked out. I looked at him more closely now. He was covered in scratches and was carrying a sharp rock in one hand and dragging a small bobcat. I broke my promise and talked anyway, "Oh my gosh!! Thank you!!" He smiled and dropped it near the water. 

 "If I cook you some meat will you start talking to me again?" He said it so gently that I had to reply. 

 "Of course, as long as you don't burn it." I joked and smiled. I tried to stand and whimpered and sat back down. The wound was pretty painful.He looked at me with concern. Lifting me up in his arms (with me protesting of course) he carried me over to the shelter. Sitting me down he handed me two sticks and some dry grass from the trees. 

 "Try to make a fire while i skin and clean this thing out." He said and I shuddered at the picture that come into my mind. I hated the sight of blood. My blood didn't bother me though. It took me an hour to get the fire started. When the grass caught I blew into it gently. I pumped my fist in the air, "Yes!!" I shouted, excited that I made a fire. Harry came over with two slabs of meat on two sticks. Handing one to me, he sat down and demonstrating, suck his almost at the top of the flame. I copied and turned it occasionally. When I thought it was done, I signaled to Harry and we took it off the flame. When I took a bite, a burst of flavor exploded in my mouth. Bobcat actually tasted amazing.

 When we were done eating me and Harry sat facing each other for a while. Finally I broke the look and rolled over on my side. "Goodnight Harry."

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