And when the night gets dark, and there's no way back, I'll call your name, but it's fading, we're fading; After leaving school for nine months, Fenella is ready to go to high school again.... Just not ready to face her best friend and former crush Calum. What Calum doesn't know is that he's the father of Fenella's baby. When given the chance to raise his child, even though both parents are only 16, the opportunity is taken away when he finds out that Fenella is going out with his now ex-friend Ashton Irwin.


6. Home Alone

Fenella's POV 


I woke up in my bed, hardly remembering anything. Mostly Calum and throwing up. I heard Xander crying in the room next door and heard rustling from the other side of my room. I saw Ashton leaving the chair he was siting on and carrying the crying child back in with him.


I rubbed my eyes, trying to see more clearly. Ashton was walking towards my bed, rocking the baby in his arms, feeding him with his bottle.


"Looks like someone missed his mommy," Ashton said, handing me him. 


"Hi there Xandy, did you have a good day with daddy? Mommy missed you so much," he hushed down a bit as I kissed him on his forehead. In the moment, the door bell rang and Ashton left the room to get it. 


Ashton's POV


I watched her sleep like the delicate angel she was. She looked so tired and weak. All because of the little miracle she brought into the world. Once I heard crying, I carried the child out of his crib and into my arms. When I walked back into Fen's room, I noticed she was awake and gave her back Xander while I answered the door. 


"Um.. Hey," it sounded like the voice from the kid who called me earlier. 


"Hi, do I know you?.. Wait, you're the kid on my soccer team, right?" 


"Yeah.. Is Fen here?" He asked. I was aggravated by this point, but changed my expression when I heard Fenella walk in. 


"Oh, hey Cal, shouldn't you be in school right now?" 


"It was a half day today. I just came and stopped by too see if you were feeling better."


"Thanks, I'm feeling fine, alot better actually." She had replied smiling. 


"That's good... And who's this little guy?" He asked, creeping towards the baby.


"Fen, shouldn't you go refill Xander's bottle before he starts crying again?" 


"Um, good point Ash. Calum, you can just wait here while I go do this." He nodded his head and I followed her into the nursery. 

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