And when the night gets dark, and there's no way back, I'll call your name, but it's fading, we're fading; After leaving school for nine months, Fenella is ready to go to high school again.... Just not ready to face her best friend and former crush Calum. What Calum doesn't know is that he's the father of Fenella's baby. When given the chance to raise his child, even though both parents are only 16, the opportunity is taken away when he finds out that Fenella is going out with his now ex-friend Ashton Irwin.


13. Car Ride

Calum's POV


I let out a sigh of relief once Fenella and I finally got outside. The school day was finally over, and I'm relieved that I didn't have to go to summer school. Thanks to Fenella. Now I can focus on my soccer games. 


"Come one Fenella, please?"  I asked. I really wanted Fenella to see me play and practice today. 


"I don't know Calum, Ashton has a doctor's appointment, and has to visit his mom. That means no ones gonna be watching Xander." 


"Then he can come with us." 


"But Calummmm."


"Come on Fen, we haven't won a single game since you stopped showing, pleaseee?" 


She rolled her eyes. I had won. "Yaayyyyy!" I said. She gently punched my arm as we saw Ashton's car turn the corner. 


"Hey Ash!" Sue climbed into the car giving him a kiss. "Hi Xander!" The baby laughed. "Is it ok if Cal comes over. The teacher threatened to send him to summer school  if he didn't start doing his homework, but he needs help on it." 


"Sure thing babe, come on Cal, get in!" I couldn't see his facial expression under his sunglasses, but I did as I was told and got into the backseat with Xander.


"So how was shopping without me today?" She asked him as we pulled out the school parking lot. 


"Really fun actually, I bought a lot of baby stuff." She laughed. I rolled my eyes, ignoring the rest of their conversation. 


"Hey little guy," I whispered to Xander. His yawn interrupted his giggle. This kid would definitely be known for his smiles in his teenage years. I watched him fumble around with the toy key in his hands, unable to grasp onto them tightly because of his small fingers. Trying to make fun of the moment, I took off the snap back I was wearing and placed it on his head. My hat was maybe twice the size of his head, but he still looked better in it than I did. 


"You can keep my hat Xander,"  I poked his stomach. He began feeling around his head as I heard giggling coming from the seat in front of me. 


"What in the world are you doing Calum?" She laughed. 


"I just gave Xander his first snapback, your welcome." 


"Well thanks, this hat will sure come in handy in a few years, of it ever starts to fit him." 


"Hey my head isn't that big!" I whined. The car pulled into the driveway. I helped Fenella take Xander out of the car. 


"Be careful Fenella! I'll be back home at around 7." 


"Love you too Ashton, have fun." She finally slammed the car door and the both of us walked inside.



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