The shadows

There are things that we do not like. Things we would rather not know. Things we do not want to know about. We can not help but know about the Shadows, however. Yet a lot of people sem NOT to know about them. Most people know what shadows are...well the basics. Yet they do not know what they are for.........or WHO they are for. Now this tale is about Jamie...poor innocent Jamie........the thirteen year old girl who...back then.....didn't have a care in the world.

We will tell you about poor Jamie as a warning.....and you will listen.


3. Chapter 3

The Darkness isn't that bad. It may be cold, but it's like it refreshes you. The Darkness scares people. When they should be scared of themselves. The Darkness doesn't do anything...except shelter the creatures inside.


Jamie woke, only to be confused of where she was. She saw Alex infront of her. That calmed the girl a bit...yet she couldn't help but feel something was wrong. Matbe it was the fact that Alex seemed to be defending her against someone. "No! She wasn't ready Jason you didn't tell her what was going to happen!" He growled to a hooded figure. 

"Yet she is awake and staring at us, not scared, just confused?!" Challenged the hooded figure. Alex turned around to face the girl and his face sunk. "JJ do you know what's going on?" He asked. 

Jamie shook her head quickly and looked back to the hooded figure...he pulled down his hood..and just there...stood Jason.

"JASON?!?!" Jamie screamed. He laugged a cruel laugh.

"Little did you know...SISTER...that i am not from this world..neither are you or Alex." He started,"and little did you know...that i am not really your Brother." Jamie stood up and clenched her fists slightly.

"I am not your Brother! I am a Guardian who was sent you through the years leading to this. Yet i did not REALLY think that you deserved your training...." He carried on,"So now i appoint Alex here to train you, goodbye Jamie..." With that Jason vanished, leaving a single black rose in his place.

Jamie cleched her fists fuly, full with hatred against the boy who..was supposed to coach her for something yet didn't. Yet as soon as she clenched her fists the Rose burst into a Million peices. 

"Jamie I am so sorry!" Cried Alex, the girl looked at him and smiled slightly as she remembered his statment earlier. "Alex?" She asked, he came over to her and hugged the girl. 

"Yes?" He asked back as Jamie hugged him tight.

"I love you too.." And with that, their Dark surroundings, reveal something, Jamie never thought could exist.

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