The shadows

There are things that we do not like. Things we would rather not know. Things we do not want to know about. We can not help but know about the Shadows, however. Yet a lot of people sem NOT to know about them. Most people know what shadows are...well the basics. Yet they do not know what they are for.........or WHO they are for. Now this tale is about Jamie...poor innocent Jamie........the thirteen year old girl who...back then.....didn't have a care in the world.

We will tell you about poor Jamie as a warning.....and you will listen.


2. Chapter 2

Now as Jamie reaches her school gates she stops and stares. Stops and stares at ONE person. The only one single person she even cared for at all in this drowsy school. She stopped and stared a her Best and only friend. "JJ!" He called her over to the Shadowy part of the Yard. 

Jamie and her friend did not like the light. They prefer the Shadows. But this is why they love the Sun. It creates them their Shadows.

as Jamie gets to her only friend he embraces her in a hug suddenly. Jamie pulls away,"Alex what's wrong?" She asked him curiously. That's what she loved about Alex...he was Jasons age - 15 - yet he did not act like Jason..or his idiot friends. 

"Aww I'm sorry JJ nothings wrong i just wanted a hug off me girl!" He laughed at her. She pouted,"and who told you i was your girl huh?"

"Me!" He growled at her and she backed down.

"Do i get a proper hug now the Al?" She asked. He inclined his head and thought for a bit..."Of Course Madame!" And with that he swooped in for a great Bear Hug and squeezed. Just then someone came over behind Jamie and tapped her on the shoulder. She parted away from Alex expecting it to be a Teacher. Yet when she turned around......


Almost immediatly..


She was consumed by the Darkness...


And the last thing she saw and heard was Alex whipering to her,"please don't go, I love you.." 

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