I write imagines of any celeb you like :) Just tell me what kind of imagine you want and what celeb and I will do it as soon as I can! If you want you can also tell me stuff about you so I can add some details about you !


5. Samantha's imagine

Liam planned a very sweet date for your 6 month anniversary. He's taking you swimming at the beach. Of course you wanted to impress him, but you didn't really wanted to go because you are really self conscious about your body and you thought he was going to think you were fat.

Starring at yourself in the mirror you said to yourself:

'I can't go I'm so ugly and fat. Liam would want to break up with me if he sees me like this'

You sat on your bedroom floor and started to cry. Liam called you but you didn't answer and he left a voice message saying:

'Hey honey I'm waiting for you. Are you coming over or you want me to pick you up? Love you'

You haven't answered him in half an hour and you were still crying on the floor when you heard your front door slam really hard. You had no clue who it was and scared to death you hid in your closet. Suddenly you heard a familiar voice saying: 

'Sam it's Liam are you here? I'm worried because you never answered my call'

You were wearing your bikini so you didn't make any noise so he wouldn't know you were there. You heard some footsteps and he came into your room.

'Baby where are you?' he said.

You started crying and he heard you. He opened the closet and saw you sitting there crying. He looked so worried. 

'Oh no! What's wrong Sam?' He said lifting you up bridal style.

'Liam please don't look at me. I look so ugly and fat'

'What? Are you crazy? You're not fat at all you look amazing! Now wipe those tears  before the tickle monster comes and tickles you!

You just shacked your head and he said 'fine' and started tickling you.

'Liam pleas stop! Stop!' you said laughing.

'Do you feel better? Because if not I guess there is only one way for you to get better' He said.

'And what is that?' you said confused.

'A kiss from the kiss monster instead' he said smirking.

'Then I don't feel any better' you said as he pushed you up against the wall crashing his lips with yours.

With a smile on your face you decided to go with him to the beach and you two had an amazing day.


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