I write imagines of any celeb you like :) Just tell me what kind of imagine you want and what celeb and I will do it as soon as I can! If you want you can also tell me stuff about you so I can add some details about you !


3. Hazel's imagine

Hazel's P.O.V.

I was in the line waiting to pay for my Jamba Juice when I saw this guy with a really funny t-shit that had a baby chicken and a magnet on it. I thought I was laughing to myself but I guess he heard me and turned around to look at me. I started blushing because I thought he was going to be mad but then I looked at him and I couldn't believe it. It was James Yammouni! I was in front of 1/5 of the Janoskians and I was laughing at his shirt! He walked towards me and said:

'Hey there! I'm here with some friends and we're looking for some funny girls like you to make a video with. Do you wanna join us?'

Shacking I managed to say yes. I was going to make a video with the boys and I was probably going to meet Luke!

When we reached were the rest of the boys were they all gave me a hug and asked me if I was a fan. I said I wasn't a fan. I was a Janoskianator! And they all laughed. I also noticed that Luke wouldn't stop staring at me. We made a hilarious video where we danced around people making a circle grabbing our hands. I was in heaven! 

It was time to say goodbye when Luke asked me for my number to "text me when the video is up". I got some pictures and hugged all the boys and left. Ten minutes later I got this text:


Hi Hazel it's Luke. Can't stop thinking about your cute smile. Wanna go to disneyland tomorrow with me?

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