Got Me Going Crazy

I don't want to give too much away. But its basically about One Direction being close friends with girls and the drama within their friendships. Feedback would be nice.


1. Sorry


“Harry, please baby,” says Rosemary, my girlfriend, in a baby voice.  Rosemary and I had been together for a couple months now.  We’ve made all the headlines and are known as the #1 couple.  It’s the ultimate story, would say the magazines, the “hot” musician dating the most demanding supermodel.  We met at one of her fashion shows.  She came over to talk to me and then later invited me to go eat.  I liked her because unlike other past girlfriends, Rosemary had taken initiative.  But after a five months of being together things have changed.  She pleads me for everything.  From meeting fans to going with her hours shopping to serenading to her when she can’t sleep.  Don’t get me wrong I still like her, but she’s changed too much.  Even the boys, Leilani, my closest friend, and Sutton, my best friend, have stated their opinions about her, especially Sutton.  Sutton and I go way back to before I became a celebrity.  She is my biggest supporter and fan.  Sutton and I were best friends when Simon Caul put One Direction together.  That’s where we met Louis and Leilani who are best friends, just like Sutton and me, and the rest of the guys.  And ever since we all met we’ve been inseparable.  “Harry? Baby? Are you still there? Hello? Babe?” said Rose, my nickname for her, while I snapped back into reality.

            “Yeah, I’m here……Um sorry love, but not today I’m going to lunch with a friend.  I already told you.   This is such late notice.”

            “Babe I already told them you would meet them.  We’re waiting for you at Starbucks.  Get here in half an hour please.”

            “Love, I already told Sutton I would take her to lunch.” Shit! I hadn’t told her I was going with Sutton.  The reason being is that every time I mention Sutton to Rose, Rose starts asking questions about where we’re going, who else is going or is it just us, how long, who’s paying, etc.

            “Oh, really?!? Why didn’t you tell me Harry?” asked Rose with a high tone.

            “Because you were at your fashion show meeting and I had time before I met with the lads. So I asked Sutton if she wanted to have lunch. No big deal,” I said sounding calm.

            “Just Sutton?” asked Rose.

            “Uh….no. I also asked Leilani to join us.”

            “Leilani? So you, Leilani, and Sutton having lunch. Hhmm….where?”

            I knew what Rose was trying to do.  She was trying to figure out where I will be, but I just need my space for a while after being with her for two weeks straight 24/7 doing guest appearances and events. “I don’t know yet we’re all just going to decide where to meet up.”

            “Okay. Well let me know where you guys decide to go babe,” said Rose trying to sound sweet.

            “Aha,” is all I managed to say.  I had driven up into Sutton’s beach house.  I stopped the engine, took off my seatbelt and just sat there trying to end my conversation with Rose.

            “Well let me ask you this.  What are you going to do about your fans that want to meet you so badly?  I did tell them you were going to be here.  What are they going to think if you don’t show?”

            Wow she is good at convincing people, but not today. “Well YOU told them I was going.  I didn’t.  You fix it love.  Hey I have to go. I’m sorry.  I love you.  Bye,” I said as I hung up.  My “I love you’s” to Rose became more dry whenever I said them.  I thought to myself for a moment.  I thought about my relationship with Rosemary and all that has changed.  She’s always checking up on me and that’s now how she was in the beginning of our relationship.  Does she not trust me?  She’s too clingy and I need my space sometimes.  I don’t know what to do.  I do care about her, but I think more as a friend than a girlfriend.  Maybe it’s time to call it quits. I don’t know.  I was in such deep thought that the knock on the car window startled me.  It was Leilani.  I opened the door, got out, closed the door and hugged my awesome friend.  Leilani is sweet, honest and loyal.   But at the same time she is a fireball and when she gets mad she will turn into a dragon, no offense.   Sutton was the opposite.  She knows how to control her anger, but when she does get furious it’s always about something she’s passionate about.

            “Hello love,” I said putting my arm over her shoulder and walking towards the house.  “How are you? When did you get here?”

            “Hello cutie,” she said winking at me.  “I’m doing well,” continue Lei, “I got here like five minutes before you came, but I’m off now.  I just came to get the lunch Sutton cooked for the guys and me.  I’m going off to meet up with the guys at the studio to have lunch.  I’ll see you guys over there in a few hours.” Leilani started to walk to her Range Rover as I waved goodbye.  Her engine roared as it drove off.  I walked to Sutton’s door and rang the doorbell.  In a second the door opened revealing my best friend standing there with her James Dean shirt, denim jeans, and black sandals.  Her brown hair with blonde tips flowed down her shoulders.  Her skin tone was light brown and had a lovely complexion.  She wore the bracelet with the One Direction logo.  Engraved inside the bracelet said “Best Friends Forever, Love Harry.”  I gave it to her for her birthday after a year we had been best friends.

            “Harry!” exclaimed Sutton jumping up to hug me. I wrapped my arms around her and squeezed her tight.

            “How are you love? I missed my best friend.”  I put her down and was now looking at her brown eyes.

            “I’m good.  Glad to finally see my best friend.  It’s been two months and that’s too long for us hah. Well come on inside.”

            “Wait,” I said pulling her hand.  “Um…. How do I say this?  Rosemary found out I was having lunch with you.  I accidently told her.”

            “Harry are you serious?”  Leilani put her hands on her hips. “How did you tell her accidently?”

            “Well she wanted me to be somewhere and I told her no so she started with her….well you know.  And that’s when I accidently told her. I’m sorry.  But she doesn’t even know where you live so don’t worry about it Sutton.”

            “Harry obviously you don’t know her so well.  She’s capable of anything and now that she knows you’re with me I don’t think I can-“

            I interrupted her before she was about to cancel.  “No!  We are going to have lunch whether Rose likes it or not.  I have cancelled so many times and I know that you are getting tired of it.  So NO!  We are going to have lunch together one way or another.”  I made it sound like I was about to kidnap her, which isn’t such a bad idea.

            Sutton just rolled her eyes.  I could tell she was thinking about what I said.  And moments later she went into the kitchen, put the food in several containers and grabbed her bag and keys from the little table by the door.

            “Okay we’ll have lunch.  But to not start shit, because I don’t want another story from the media saying I am ruining your relationship with her, we’re going to the studio with the guys and Leilani to have lunch.  That way she won’t start shit and we could still eat in peace….hopefully.”

            “I didn’t picture it that way, but okay,” I told her as she locked the door behind her.  We walked to my car and headed to the studio.


            When we got to the studio Leilani and the guys were eating in the dance studio. All were sitting on the floor eating away at Sutton’s cooking.  When they saw Sutton and I enter the room they all stopped eating, except for Niall.

            “Hey lad,” said Louis, Zayn, and Liam in unison.

            “Hey guys.  May we join you?” I asked.

            “NO!” exclaimed Niall with his mouth full of food.  “He might eat all our food.”

            “Don’t worry you’re already doing that for him,” said Leilani and everybody laughed.

            “No mate.  Don’t worry.  Sutton and I brought our own lunch,” I told them as we sat next to them.

            “I thought you guys were going to have lunch at your house Sutton.  What happened?” asked Leilani.

            I looked at Sutton who was pulling out a salad avoiding the question.

            “Um…we decided to be with our best friends and have a good laugh,” I said answering for Sutton, who was now pouring dressing on the two salad plates.  She handed me one and I started to eat.

            “Oh, I knew you couldn’t stay away from us,” said Louis.  “But what really happened?  Because we all know that’s not the real reason.”

            I looked at Sutton again who was nibbling her salad.  I felt a little annoyance because she hadn’t spoken since we got here.

            “Rosemary found out that I was going to have lunch with Sutton and she found some way to ruin it…according to Sutton,” I explained.  Sutton looked at me shocked and angered by what I said.  We locked gazes for a while before she excused herself and left the room.

            “Lad what did you do?” asked Zayn.

            “That’s the truth,” I said.  “I was on the phone with Rose and she said she had fans who wanted to meet me, but she knew I was going to have lunch with a friend which is when I accidently told her it was Sutton.  Then she got all like…..I don’t know…begging and mad, I guess.  But when I told Sutton she refused to have lunch with me saying she didn’t want to start problems with Rose again and accusing Rose of ruining every chance I was going to hang out with Sutton.  Then I begged her to not cancel our lunch which is when she said she’d have lunch but with all of us together so that way Rosemary wouldn’t start rumors in the media.  I mean how can Sutton accuse Rose of starting those rumors in the media?  Like-“I didn’t get to finish because Louis cut me off.

            “Well I understand how Sutton feels.”  Louis looked at Leilani while she ate her pasta.  Leilani is currently dating Josh Hutchinson and Louis is dating Eleanor Calder.  But before either of them were in a relationship Leilani and Louis had feelings for each other, but never officially got together as a couple.  And by the time Leilani wanted to be with Louis, Louis had already been dating Eleanor.  Long story short, Leilani was depressed by the news and later decided it was time to move on.  That’s when she met Josh and they hit it off really well and months later became an official couple.  And even though Leilani and Louis have their own partners, I still believe they want to be with each other, they just won’t admit it or do anything about it.  “I mean Sutton and you have been best friends since forever.  And the fact that you’re constantly defending Rose and not your best friend hurts Sutton.  I mean put yourself in her shoes.  What if she had a boyfriend whom always was nosing in her business and making up stories to ruin her plans that she made with you?  I mean really think about it Harry.  How would you feel?”

            Louis made a good point.  I thought about it for a second before excusing myself to go find Sutton.  I found her outside the recording room sitting on the floor with her knees pulled to her chest and her face buried in her hands.

            “Sutton?” I said sitting down beside her.  “Why did you leave like that?”

            No answer.

            “Sutton.  I’m sorry if I offended you with what I said earlier.  It wasn’t my intention.  I was just a little frustrated because you weren’t talking or saying anything.”

            No answer.

            “Are you going to speak to me or not?”  I said raising my voice a little.

            Sutton looked up at me.

            “I’m done,” she said, her voice low.

            “Done?  Done with what?” I asked confused.

            “With this.  All this.  All the bullshit I’ve been through.  I can’t do it anymore. I’ve reached my breaking point.  You have yourself a good life with your model girlfriend.”  Sutton got up and I did the same.

            “What are you saying?  You don’t want to be friends anymore,” I said.

            “What I’m saying is I’m moving on.”  Sutton started walking off but I blocked her path.

            “Harry-“ she said before I cut her off.

            “No!  I will not let my best friend walk out of my life.”

            “Well I’m not going to stand here and act like the perfect best friend who is okay with your relationship with her.  I’m tired of defending myself to you.  I shouldn’t have to.”

            “You haven’t given her the chance like everybody else,” I said.

            “I’ve given her plenty of chances Harry just like everybody else!  I went out of my way to make her feel a part of our small family.  And it was going great for a while until she found out we were best friends.  That’s when she felt the need to ruin our friendship.  And the funny thing is is that she actually is accomplishing it.  She’s tearing our friendship apart.  And you don’t even see it because you’re too busy being in the love bubble with her.”  Sutton took in a deep breath and let it out before continuing.  She spoke more calmly now.  “Harry you even told me to let you know if you change and I have many times.  But I knew you wouldn’t listen to me.  She has brain washed you and made you believe that I’m the bad guy.  I’m sick and tired of this bullshit.  I can’t do it anymore.  I’M DONE!!!!!”

            “Sutton,” I said as she starred at me with her angered eyes.  My mouth opened but no words came out that could make this situation better.  She was so furious with me that I have never seen her this agitated.

            Sutton began to walk back to the dance studio.

            “Sutton!” I yelled out.  “Wait!”

            She stopped and turned to face me.  “No,” she said calmly.  “I’m done waiting……don’t waiting for my best friend to stand up for me.” And with that she began heading back to the dance studio.

            I felt my heart race.  I watched as she walked off and out of my life.  I took in a deep breath and followed her back to the studio to meet with Leilani and the guys again.  But before I knew it I was reaching for her hand, turning her around cupping one had around her soft cheek and the other around her waist pushing her towards me, and pressing my lips against hers.  I felt a rush through my body.   Sutton didn’t push away, but rather she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me back.  The moment felt so right and pure that I didn’t want it to end.

            “What the hell is going on?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?” yelled a familiar voice.  Sutton pushed away from me and my happy moment turned into hell.  Rosemary was standing there with eyes of furry.  The door of the dance studio opened and Leilani and the guys were standing there with shocked faces all spread across.  I’m in for it now, I thought to myself.

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