My Ex Best Friend

He promised. He promised me that he would never forget me. But he did. Never called, emailed, or texted me after the XFactor. And now he is back.


6. Skye's Birthday

A/N~ Sorry it took so long to update. I have school so I don't really have time to update but I will try to update as much as I can. -Liza 



After Makayla and I pushed through the paps I drove her home. I hope that she forgives me. We got to her house and walked to her porch. "Thanks for the great night Louis" She said in the sweetest tone ever. If she only knew how much she means to me and how much I love her. "Its wasn't a big deal. I hope you forgive me for all-" I was cut of when she kissed me. I was enjoying that kiss until she walked in and closed the door leaving me speechless. A minute later I went to park my car in my driveway. I got home and opened the door. The guys came rushing to me. "So how did you enjoy that kiss Tommo?" Harry asked. "It was amazing. I feel like weights have been lifted off my shoulders now that she forgave me. I thought she was never going to forgive me." "Mate of course she would have forgave you. She is your best friend." Liam said. Then Zayn had to go and say, " Well she was, who knows what she is to him now ( ;" These cheeky lads. I went upstairs and decided to go to sleep 


~Next Day~


Last night when I kissed Louis I felt sparks. I wonder if he felt them too. I really need to talk about that kiss with him. Anyways today was my little sisters birthday she is 6 years younger then me. She is a total directioner but I don't think she remembers Louis from when she was younger. She is having a party at this resturant and all her friends are directioners too so I thought why not surprise them? I called up louis and asked him if he and the boys would mind surprising my sister and they said sure. A couple of hours later we were all ready. My sis was already at the resturant with everyone but i said i was going to have to come a little late cause i need to go somewhere and it was an emergency. My mom texted me that they were ready for the boys to come so we drove of. We finally got there and I told my mom we were here. "1....2....3, and the boys came in and tarted singing happy birthday to my sister. she was crying like so hard i thought she was gonna die. Oh and you should have seen the look on her friends faces! I was laughing so hard. 


I was at my birthday party having fun and dancing. My mom and dad called me over and started talking into a mic. "Skye, you are growing up so fast. I would like to give a toast to you. Be happy and healthy." Suddenly my sister cam on the mic,"Skye, You know how much you and your friend love One Direction?" "Yeah..." What was she going to say I was so scared. "Well I have a surprise for you." She said then started counting. "1...2...3" One Direction can into the room adn started singing to me. They finished singing and I went to Makayla," B-But they are here. How is that possible??" How did she get one direction to come? " Skype Louis used to be my best friend. It wasn't that hard to ask him. And i knew how much you love them and your friends too so I thought this would be a great surprise" She said. "OMG thank you so much you're the best sister in the world." We left it at that and went back to the party.


(A/N)- So guys how do you like it so far?? I hope you like it. I will try to update again as soon as i can. I'm very busy ~ Liza

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