My Ex Best Friend

He promised. He promised me that he would never forget me. But he did. Never called, emailed, or texted me after the XFactor. And now he is back.


4. Explain Now.

Once I got home I got a call from Amy.

~CALL( M-Makayla, A-Amy)

A- "So wanna explain what happened at the mall? How did Louis know your name?"

M- "Well. You see..."

A- "Come on spit it out. How does he know your name?"

M- "Fine. When we were kids we were best friends. Ever since I was a baby I known him." 

A- "Okay. Well why didn't you wanna talk to him?"

M- You see. When he joined the X Factor he said he would call or text me everyday. He did do that until he got put into One Direction. Thats when it stopped. A couple of days ago he came back and my mom made me hang out with him and the band. We were on a ferris wheel and he tried to kiss me, after he had hurt me by forgetting about me.

A- "Why haven't you told me this?"

M- "I wanted to keep it a secret, but now you know. Please don't tell anyone that I know One Direction or was friends with Louis."

M- "Okay anything for you. Just don't keep any more secrets like this from me."

I was abou to respond but I heard a knock at the door.

M- "Amy i'll call you later. Someones at the door.

A- "Okay. Bye."



Louis P.O.V

She opened the door and suddenly said "What are you doing here?" in the harshest tone ever. "Look, Kalya we need to talk." "There is nothing to talk. YOU PROMISED YOU WOULD CALL. BUT YOU DIDN'T. YOU JUST LEFT ME. THEN YOU TRIED TO KISS ME." "Kalya" "DO NOT CALL ME THAT." she said with tears. She got a vase and through it right at me but I ducked and she missed. " MAKAYLA. CALM DOWN,  I can explain." "Well go on then explain." "I was planing to do that all. But I had to get a new phone number, and a new email." "Well you could of facebooked me." "I had to delete that too." "Well I guess we're cool." It felt so good when she said that.

Makayla's P.O.V

I guess I should of known he would have had to do all those things. Maybe I was a little too harsh. "Sorry I almost hit you with that vase." "Its fine. I understand you were mad at me. So Soph, I have to ask you something." "Ok. ask ahead." "Will you go on a date with me tomorrow?" "Lou, I don't know. I mean we just made up." "Oh" "Oh who am I kidding. Of course i'll go. Louis before you told me you were leaving for the X Factor, I was going to tell you that I had a crush on you." "So what stopped you?" "I didn't wanna hold you back from your dreams." he crashed his lips to mine. I wasn't expecting that. He pulled away and said "You will never hold me back from my dreams Makalya. You will only make me wanna do better." That was so sweet of him to say. After what I have done. I almost killed him. With a vase. "So pick you up at 7 love." he then walked away not letting me say a thing.

~So here is chapter 4. It is longer than my other chapters so hope you liked it! - Liza





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