My Ex Best Friend

He promised. He promised me that he would never forget me. But he did. Never called, emailed, or texted me after the XFactor. And now he is back.


5. Date

He left and I went inside my house. It was 4 o'clock  and it does take me a while to get ready. So I decided to get ready. I took a shower and got out. Then I straightened my hair and put it into a nice pony. After, I put on some make up and got dressed into 

The minute I finished getting ready, the door bell rang. I opened the door and saw Louis standing there. "Ready to go love?" "Yeah, lets go."


We got out of the car and walked inside the restaurant. "Louis this place is so expensive. You didn't have to take me here." "Well I wanted, and I have to show you how sorry I am." We got seated and ordered. The waitress was really pissing me off. The whole time me and Louis were here she was flirting with him. I almost got into a fight with her so Louis asked if we could have another waitress. The rest of the night was amazing. We were finishing our dessert now anad the bill came. I looked at it. It was 300 dollars worth the food. We only really got 2 plates of pasta, 2 cokes, and a dessert. That place was seriously expensive. I tried to pay half, but Louis wouldn't let me. So it ended up him paying and me feeling guilty for him paying 300 dollars. He got his credit card back and we started walking out and suddenly all I saw was flashes. "Makayla don't let go of my hand." "Ok" he knew I was scared. We finally got to the car and I knew I would be on a cover of a Magazine. Only Amy knew about me knowing One Direction. What was my whole school going to say when summer break was over. That whole school was full of directioners. He drove me home and walked me to the porch. "Thanks for the great night Louis." "It wasn't a big deal. I hope you forgive me for all-" I cut him of when I smashed my lips into his. I then went inside my house and closed the door leaving him standing there speechless.

~Well guys here is another chapter. Sorry I have been updating. Its school stuff. I will try to update ASAP. Bye - Liza


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